The 5 YouTubers in Minecraft: Story Mode
Name YouTubers
Members DanTDM,
Stampy Cat,
Stacy Plays
Allies Jesse's Gang
Enemies The White Pumpkin,
Hostile Mobs,
The Admin
First Appearance "A Portal to Mystery"
Last Appearance "Hero in Residence"
YouTubers or Youtubers, are characters that appear in Minecraft: Story Mode and represent popular members of the YouTube-Minecraft Community. 

List of In-Game YouTubers


  • "A Portal to Mystery" contains several Easter Eggs which are related to content on the YouTubers' channels, such as DanTDM's Diamond Minecart
  • "YouTubers" and "Youtubers" are interchangeable terms - both meaning the same thing.
  • It was revealed that more members of the YouTube-Minecraft Community will be featured in Season 2.
  • The whereabouts of DanTDM and LDShadowLady is unknown.

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