Xara, also known as "Prisoner X," is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. She first appears in "Jailhouse Block" and is voiced by April Stewart.



Xara has messy purple hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. She is first seen wearing a mask and straight jacket with a prisoner's outfit underneath. After escaping, she wears an orange prisoner suit.


Xara is a vengeful person, and is always angry towards her enemies. She also seems to enjoy violence from time-to-time, as shown when she threatens to push Jesse in the lava as soon as she meets him/her. Though she acts hostile for the most part, she has a change of heart when she tries to get Jesse, Jack, Petra, Radar, and Nurm/Lluna out of The Sunshine Institute. She also tells Jesse she isn't much of a "People person" (determinant). She doesn't really show many empathy, which is shown when Jesse has to leave either Nurm or Lluna behind ("One of your silly companions can stay behind.").

Killed Victims


"Bold of you to come here, not knowing who you're dealing with."
—Xara talking to Jesse, then they first met. src
Jack: "Where, uh, where's Nurm?"
Xara: "Oh, your villager friend offered to take my place so my cell's booby traps wouldn't go off."
—Xara to Jack, then he asks about Nurm. (Determinant) src
"You might think so. But that's where we need to go... below the bedrock!"
—Xara to Jesse's gang. src


  • She is voiced by April Stewart, known for her work on South Park voicing numerous characters.
  • Xara was a former Admin. She fought alongside Fred (another Admin, deceased), for the power of the world against Romeo. They both failed, resulting in Fred's death and Xara being sent to the institute.
  • All the inmates seem to be scared of Xara, but it's never mentioned why.


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