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Withered Nether Star

Wither Storm Nether Star
Ellegaard giving the Withered Nether Star to Jesse
Name Withered Nether Star
Aliases: The Nether Star
Owner (s) Jesse's Gang
Type Advanced Nether Star
Minecraft N/A

The Withered Nether Star, also known as the Wither Storm Nether Star, is an item found in Minecraft: Story Mode. It was dropped by the Wither Storm.



A regular Nether Star is also exists in Minecraft: Story Mode but, unlike it's Withered Nether Star counterpart, it is not attributed to the defeat of the Wither Storm.


  • The Withered Nether Star looks similar to a regular Nether Star, but is instead colored purplish-black to match the Wither Storm's color scheme.
  • In Episode 5, a normal Nether Star can also be seen on display inside the Treasure Room.


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