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Wither Skeleton Skull

A Wither Skull in Minecraft
Name Wither Skull
Owner (s) Petra (formerly), Ivor (Formerly)
Type Mob Head
Minecraft 1.4.2

Wither Skulls are types of Mob Heads in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are dropped by Wither Skeletons.


"The Order of the Stone"

Jesse and Petra trade Ivor a Wither Skull in exchange for a Diamond, but he cheats on them but giving her Lapis Lazuli. Later the gang finds a chest in Ivor's Lair in a basement at EnderCon featuring 2 Wither Skulls. Ivor uses the Wither Skulls to spawn the Wither Storm, which shoots out some Wither Skulls to attack the people.

Notable Owners


  • It's unknown how Ivor got the rest of the Wither Skulls, for he sent Petra to find one because he couldn't obtain any more.


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