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Winslow sitting on a fake portal.
Name Winslow
Gender Male
Species Calico Cat
Latest Known Status Alive (Determinately trapped)
Allies Cassie Rose
Enemies Jesse's Gang,
First Appearance "A Portal to Mystery"
Latest Appearance "A Portal to Mystery"

—Winslow. src

Winslow is a minor character in ​"A Portal to Mystery" and in Minecraft: Story Mode and the pet cat and best friend of Cassie Rose.



Winslow appears to be a Calico Cat that has a black, white, and orange coat. He also has green eyes.


Winslow was portrayed to be loyal to his owner, Cassie Rose. However, if Jesse doesn't give Cassie her cat, Winslow refuses to take fish offered to him by his master and walks away, showing he isn't too loyal under certain circumstances. He distracted Jesse's Gang when they were lighting the portal, proving to be very smart as well. He is also extremely mischievous, as he knocked the Enchanted Flint and Steel off the platform.


  • Jesse has the option to return Winslow to Cassie or leave him when she is trapped.
  • Cassie claimed that Winslow was her "best and only friend."
  • In the White Pumpkin's lair, there are numerous calico cats that all look like Winslow. However, Cassie seems to prefer Winslow over the others.


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