Vos is a character who is heavily referenced in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. Though this is not revealed until near the end of "Giant Consequences", the real Vos is never actually seen in the game--his appearance and personality are assumed by Romeo as a disguise for two episodes. This fake Vos is voiced by Jean-Benoît "J.B." Blanc.



The real Vos' appearance is unknown but presumably similar to Romeo's disguise, who has a white beard; white hair and eyebrows; black pupils; a dark blue hood; gray goggles; and brown, blue, and gold clothing.


Not much is known about the real Vos's personality, but he appeared to be adventurous and friendly, as he went on adventures with Jack, Nurm, and Sammy. The fake Vos pretended to care for his friends, as he was shown acting worried for Jack when he gets hurt by a Prismarine Foe (determinant). The fake Vos also pretended to be scared of the Prismarine Foes, when in the Sea Temple in "Hero in Residence". In "Hero in Residence" he appeared to act friendly and lighthearted. That somehow changed in "Giant Consequences", where he acted suspicious and hostile towards the rest of the group. It is possible that Romeo became less good of an actor because he had to control his snowman form and "Vos" at once, which is tiring for him[1].



Jack and the real Vos were old friends before being split up, and Jack was traumatized after Vos and Sammy died. Jack was happy to reunite with the fake Vos and had a good relationship with him before discovering his real identity.


Not too much is known of Vos and Nurm's relationship, only that they were old friends before going to the Sea Temple, where the fake Vos was found.


  • Porkchops (Supposedly)
  • An Iron Sword (Romeo in disguise, formerly)
  • A Diamond Sword (Romeo in disguise, formerly)


Cause of Death:

Romeo tells Jack that the real Vos died in the Sea Temple many years ago before the events of "Hero in Residence". It is most likely that he was killed by Elder Guardians because Jack said that he saw Vos and Sammy die in the Sea Temple, and he was not surprised to see that Sammy was killed by an Elder Guardian. Romeo likely hid his inventory to convince Jesse, Jack, Petra, and Nurm that he was Vos.


  • It was confirmed that Vos was an enchanter. [2]


For all images related to Vos, see Vos/Gallery.


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