On Christmas Day, I am writing a magnugaard wedding fanfic. I have every thing planned, even a music playlist, though I had to ask my brother about half of it. And, the wedding needs guests. And not just youtuber guests, as much as I love Youtubers. Comment down below if you'd like to be in it, and also comment what gift you would like to give the happy couple. I need some,one to officiate the wedding *wolf, I'm looking at you*, and I also have a few spots open for bridesmaids and groomsmen, or in order and slayer's cases groomsladies. I will be accepting requests until noon on December 25th, because I am only (hopefully) getting a good gaming pc and vidcon tickets, or at least an I owe you vidcon tickets and or a computer, though my parents might get other random stuff. Also, I might add you if I thing you may be too busy to reply, so comment below if you wouldn't like to be in it. Danielle out!

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