Me: so, we're back! And because no one suggested anyone, we're having Amy and Salem cohost today.

Amy: I'm hyped dude!

Salem: I'm honestly rooting for Stacy and Lizzie. Go stizzie!

Me: wow Salem, you're actually pretty good at coming up with ship names. Also, give these girls some love on YouTube. And because I use an iPad, here are their twitters. Don't ask why Salem's is so long. I don't know.

Amy: so what do we talk about?

Me: maybe the merits of each team.

Salem: how are we supposed to debate if we don't know who the people aren't?

Lukas: grr

Me: Lukas, you probably just want these people to know who you are so that they'll worship you when you win.

Me: and it looks like Dan and Think are in a battle with Isa and Milo.

Dan: please do good. Please do good.

Isa: you have little knowledge of skillful swordplay.

Think: but we do, we've seen all eight episodes.

Lukas: finally, someone with dedication.

Me: uhh, how'd you hear that.

Ellie: Magnus maybe made me Hotwire the microphones so they broadcast over the speakers so they would drown out the music.

Me: and I didn't notice because I have headphones where I can choose who I want to hear. Why did you agree Ellie?

Ellie: Magnus threatened to leave and join Soren's team.

Me: well that's a punishment. And if you hate it that much Magnus, I'll put on some Christmas music. Now back to our regularly scheduled combat.

Dan: *mines up behind Milo and kills him* Dan will not be stopped!

Think: *shoots isa with a bow* you may be good with swords, but not with bows!

Ivor: this is rigged! Your Youtubers are doing well, and the only ones who've died are ones you openly hate.

Me: * whispers to self* I only killed Isa and Milo because autocorrect wouldn't capitalize their names properly. And besides, you've started to grow on me Ivor.

Harper: see Ivor, we might actually win.

Me: everyone is acting weird. Lukas caring about whether people know him, Ivor thinking it's rigged.

Petra: everyone probably wants to win.

Jenny: what does the winner get anyway?

Me: it involves a secret project, less torture, a private suite, starring in a new series, Lindsey stirling tour tickets, which I couldn't go to as I was at minefaire, and a lifetime supply of pretzel crackers.

Stampy: sounds cool.

Soren: sounds weird.

Me: then don't win, make it easy.

Harper: I have spotted Petra.

Ivor: we're not messing with her.

Hadrian: there is a problem. * is on fire.* *dies*

Mevia: *also on fire* I'll jump in this water. * realizes she can't swim* oh pooh. * dies*

Me: that's the end of the episode. Comment down below who you want to cohost, and maybe one of you lucky wikians will. Also, tomorrow the episode may be late, as I have community service. Danielle out!

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