Me: before we start, I would like to have Nettyplays and tomohawk help me host as well. And I better see some action, or else I'll have to put on the music.

Magnus: what music?

Me: Lindsey stirling.

Ellie: you like Lindsey stirling? I love her!

Magnus: oh Ellie, not your nerd music.

Ellie: it's not nerd music!

Me: I suggest everyone be quiet because all the competitors can hear you. I will give you personal microphones so you can commentate.

Netty: aren't these the people from the game Stampy was in.

Me: yes, yes they are.

Lukas: at least she better than that last guy.

Scott: my name is Scott, and why do we care if we know you?

Lukas: I just want to make sure we have announcers who aren't go to do anything stupid to us like some people I know.

Me: these are reliable Youtubers.

Lukas: I just don't trust some of them.

Me: you keep saying that, and I'll have them do something to you.

Lukas: I thought I was your favorite, and you're even more like order than I thought.

Me: you are, and I just don't want rebellion.

Ellie: I thought I was your favorite.

Scott: fight! Fight!

Britt: I'm rooting for nerd girl.

Mousie: I'm rooting for blonde guy.

Tom: be quiet! I know this is hunger games, but I don't want people arguing over petty stuff.

Lukas: fine.

Me: I might as well put on the Lindsey stirling.

Magnus: nooooooooooo!

Ellie: yas queen!

Me: that's waphat Vixella says.

Ellie: who's Vixella?

Me: I see all of us have a lot to learn.


Soren: I think the odds might be in my favor.

Me: no they're not, you ruined a perfectly good book series.

Soren: huh?

Me: the guardians of ga'hoole series happens to have a main character with your name.

Soren: don't blame me, blame the developers!

Me: first, you used my excuse, and second, I have many more reasons to hate you.

Soren: when have you ever had to use that excuse?

Me: when I've tried to explain to my friends story mode and have to tell them why people have weird names. Though it was mostly Axel's name.

Stacy: hold up, Lizzie, I've spotted a target. We need to be stealthy.

Lizzie: let's just hope this goes better than Uhshe.

Stacy: you're going down sparklez!

Sparklez: You will die first, dog lover!

Lizzie: *hits ssundee off a cliff by accident* well, that was convenient.

Sparklez: though you killed ssundee, you won't kill... *falls off cliff* me. *dies*

Stacy: victory is ours!

Dan: not yet!

Lizzie: are you near us?

Dan: actually, no.

Me: that's the end of this episode. Each episode after this, I'll choose two people to be cohosts. Comment down below who you want them to be! Danielle out!

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