Me: zzzz wedding zzz flowers zzzzzz cake.

Oli: wake up!!

Me: oli, you and seapeekay are here? My alarm must not of gone off.

Seapeekay: of course we're here, no one suggested anybody, and call me Callum.

Me: so welcome back, please suggest people, I might run out of ideas.

Alarm: * plays industrial chase scene music*

Oli: why is your alarm set for industrial chase music?

Me: reasons.

Jenny and Lukas: *fall out of a tree and land on axel and Olivia, killing them*

Axel (from respawn zone): I guess you got your revenge, Lukas.

Lukas: I guess I did.

Me: yes carnage! This needs to be over!

Callum: why are you acting like that?

Me: I need this to be over for a thing you'll know more about Friday.

Callum: can you tell me?

Me: no, but it's the reason portal is hiatus until after Christmas.

Oli: let me guess, you getting a new computer and applying for the Mousie team?

Me: that's not what happening, but I would like that.

Mousie (from food table): you want to apply for the team?

Me: yes.

Mousie: if I get yours, I'll accept it if you get a good computer.

Me: ok.

Lukas: does that count as a kill for us?

Me: I guess.

Jenny: * does victory dance and attracts the attention of Stacy*

Stacy: I see her, she's probably weak.

Lizzie: I see blonde guy.

Stacy and Lizzie: * shoot Jenny and Lukas respectively*

Lizzie: you're dead blonde guy!

Lukas (as he dies): stop calling me blonde guy if you know my name! *dies*

Jenny ( as she dies): I have nothing to say! * dies*

Me: Stacy and Lizzie are on a roll. That's the end of today's episode, I might do another one today to make up for yesterday. Please suggest people, it can even be you. Danielle out!

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