I just realized that this series only has Stampy's friends in it, so after this I will make a series with any of the other Youtubers' friends.

Stacy: Stacy, graser, Joey, ( it's going to be fun killing them two off, even though I ship gracy.), Lizzie, and Amy.

Lizzie: Lizzie, Joel, seapeekay, theorionsound, yammy xox, and chaidoesgames.

Dan: Dan, thinknoodles, thnxcya, Stampy, and Sqaishey.

Captain sparklez: I have no clue. Any ideas?

I will give a preview of stacy's intro, and will give a preview of each intro after that every episode. they will each have a twist. Comment down below what you think this series' twist is, which youtuber's series you'd want next, and who you think will die next.

Stampy: panic panic panic!

Cassie: I'm too cute too die.

Recording: I am the white pumpkin, and I will not stop until I have the treasure I desire, even if I have to resort to murdering perfectly good Youtubers.

Lightning flashed, and the Youtubers flew into a panic.

Stacy: there's no such agriculturally possible thing as white pumpkins, especially in this region of the world!

Stampy: tell that to all the white pumpkins hanging all over the place!

Sqaishey: they must be imported.

Amy: who cares about pumpkins when there's a m-m-murderer on the loose!

Stampy: my greatest friend, dead! *cries*

Sqaishey: it's okay Stampy.

Jesse: maybe I should investigate.

Ivor: clear out, this is a crime scene people!

The Youtubers congregated in the sitting room, where they saw squid's x'ed out portrait.

Amy: it looks like Ivor is next.

Stacy: let's just hope Jesse has got this under control.

Sqaishey: I honestly don't trust them, the murderer could come for us next Stampy!

Stampy: I'm sure Jesse's got it figured out.

Jesse: Youtubers, report to the dining room and sit in your original seat.

Each of the Youtubers took their seat.

Jesse: *looks at each of the marked spots* the murderer could be Stampy, Stacy,Amy, or .... Lukas!

Stampy, Stacy, Amy, and Lukas: *gasp*

Stacy's friends intro

Torquedog: I told you Joey, I don't have it.

Joey: give Stacy back her stuff, she's a nice girl.

Suddenly, the glass breaks, and four figures emerge.

Joey: who the heck are you?

Ivor: watch your language youngster!

Joey: well, I won't "old man!"

Torquedog: who are you weirdos anyway?

Jesse: we're the order of the stone! I'm Jesse, and they are Petra, Ivor, and Lukas.

Joey: weird names.

Suddenly, the lights go out.

Joey: whoever 's holding my leg, stop it!

The lights turn back on, and Torquedog lies on the floor, dying.

Joey: oh crap.

Torquedog:Jesse, Joey is ......

Then torquedog dies.

Jesse: we'll never know what he was going to say.

Joey: I know what he was going to say, and I'm not gonna tell you.

Then, the door opens, and graser10 comes out.

Graser: I heard the glass break, what happened?

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