I saw how Georgia made a fanfic about episode six with some of the wiki users, so I wondered, what if episode six was with different Youtubers? So I decided to keep Stampy, because he was the first youtuber I ever watched, I added Sqaishey, because if there's Stampy, there's Sqaishey. I added Amylee33, and Iballisticsquid, and kept Stacyplays. I will keep everyone else the same. So, let's begin!

Squid: I know you have it mate, just give it back!

Torquedog: I told you Squid, I don't have it!

Suddenly, squid hears the sound of breaking window glass, and four figures stand in front of him.

Squid: are you the host, because it's been a long wait mate.

The figure who appears to be the leader of the group says: I thought you were the host!

Squid: I'm not mate, you're stuck here just like the rest of us. And who are you anyway?

The leader of the group says, I'm Jesse, and this is Lukas, Petra, and Ivor. And there's more of you guys here.

Squid: there's seven of us counting myself and Torquedog here. And you haven't heard of me, one of the most famous guys on YouTube.

Jesse: Nope, never heard of you.

Suddenly, the lights go off, and squid starts screaming "What the heck mate!"

Stay tuned for part two!

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