Winslow: Ok. This has gotten too far. Why are we here?

Ocelot: to talk to Harper.

Winslow: What? Why would we wanna do that?

Ocelot: We can mind control Cassie so she no longer goes crazy.

Winslow: I dont think o.

Dom: I'm going to get some slushies. Wanna tag along, Wolf?

Wolf: sure!

Order: I want to go too... But the pets!

Becky: I got this. bring me a smoothie too.

Wolf: Can I get Bone Flavored?

Ivor: Becky!

Becky: Hi, Ivor! How's it been? *Chatting*

Harper: Ocelot! Winslow! What brings you here?

Winslow: You know. Just wander-

Ocelot: We need a chip.

Harper: You can have a bag full! Potato chips or Sour cream and onion?

Ocelot: No. Not that kind.

Harper: I could run to the store and get some cheetos or Takis if you'd like!

Ocelot: NO! The robotic chips! PAMA? Ring a bell?

Harper: My goodness! I don't know why you would need these.

Ocelot: we need to... I..

Harper: Here. A mini- Pama, A Chip attacher and about 20 chips. I dont know why you need them. But I trust its for good. Now here are the instructions. Do-

Ocelot: Thanks! Bye!

Winslow: wait The instru- *Ocelot grabs and pulls him away*

Harper: Whatever you do, dont press "RETURN" or it will get all it's former knowledge back!


Ocelot: good thing its already  built. Now how do we turn this on?

Winslow: If you listened, maybe we could've heard. But i did hear something about "return"

Ocelot: Good ears! *presses return"

PAMA: Greetings. I am Prototype:Autonomous Management Agent. Also known as PAMA! Now growing to former size. And now chipping BOTH OF YOU!

Winslow: Ocelot! What have you done! *gets chipped*

Becky: Ocelot! Run!

Dom, Wolf, Order: What in the name of Doggy bone milkshakes and chese eggs fish sandwiches? RUN!*All but Winslow Successfully return*

Dom: Becky! You were supposed to take care of them!

Becky: I did! I was talking to Ivor when they ran way!

Ocelot: I was just getting supplies

Order: I don't know what kind of "expirement" this is. What will Cassie say?

Wolf: Not anything good. I predict, 'what in the name of bloody axes?!?! What happened?! And where is Winslow?!!?' You know in a crabby way.

Dom: Come on. She's not THAT crabby.

Cassie: What in the name of bloody axes?!?! What happened?! And where is Winslow?!!?

Wolf: Told Ya.

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