I was wandering in a forest when... BAM!!! Some weird dude with Human-like-reflexes threw a potion at me! I am now... HUMAN!!! I guess it will help on the food fight...


Food Fight starts today!!! (Finally)

Hadrian: New arrivals!

Mevia: We will see what they do in this match of food fight!

Otto: They are already sorted into teams!

Harper: I will not fight!

Competitor: *Shoves cake into Harper's face and throws her off the edge* Its either fight or be fought, LOSER!!

Mevia: Looks like the old builder Harper is... eliminated

Winslow: Charles, Stampy, Ivor, We better get our game on.

Ivor: If you didn't talk when you were a cat, and I had the potion to reverse you, I WOULD USE IT!!!

Charles: There is no need to fight between our team. We must defeat the others!

Winslow: I am not fighting between friends

Ocelot: Axel you are hillarious!

Winslow: Ocelot? Axel? I will not fight you!

Competitor: But I will! *tries to pizza me*

Winslow*Dodges saves Ocelot*

Ocelot: I'm not on your team.

Charles: Ocelot would never say something like that.

Hadrian: I realized if you wont fight, I will make you fight. Hypnotysim. Not horrible!

Winslow: But not TIM.

  • Winslow watches as Georgia and Becky start to fight.*

[push Georgia] [push Becky] [...]


Shoutouts: THANK U GUYS!!!

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