Umm before we start I have an eexcuse for not being here. Due to a tragedy that I'd rather not mention, I have slowed down on my schoolwork. First, school and I barely had time to get on chat. And when I did, my phone kept automatically quiting and joining chat AAARGH! It was so annoying!!! I should not encounter any future problems with chat since my computer is fixed. But here we go PART THREE!

Stampy: Hey, Thats MY catchphrase, Winslow

Ivor: What is it, Winslow?

Winslow: If our friends are mind controlled, and people explode trees for fun, Then whatever is in the trees must be really valuable. *Takes water and robot parts*

Stampy: I wonder why robot parts are in the chest.

Charles: I dont see any water anywhere around here like in Crown Mesa.

Ivor: obviously Hadrian has something to do with this

Winslow: I don't want Hadrian getting involved in any part of my life and my friends are my life.

Ocelot: Wow. I didn't know you'd care.

Winslow: What do you mean, Ocelot? We've always been there for you

Ivor: We're here for you right now

Charles: We've always been here for you.

Stampy: Wait. Hadrian is like PAMA and PAMA can see through his mind controlled people so, why isn't Hadrian

running after us with a Candy Cane Sword?

Ocelot (normal voice): Because I'm not chipped.

Winslow: really?

Ocelot: yeah.

Nell(pops out of nowhere): Totally righteous, Brah! Uh like, wrong time? Ill totally be back, brah. *Jumps in piston*

Charles: Back to REALITY please?

Ocelot: right I'll tell you later but-

Olivia(Robotic voice): How do you like our Milk TNT? Our recipe? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Ivor: RUN, Crazy man!

Charles: G is a girl, Ivor

Ivor: well you learn something new every day, don't you?

  • Milk TNT lands on tree Winslow and Stampy are on. The tree falls off the cliff Stampy and Winslow are stuck each hanging on a limb.*

Ocelot: I have one piece of candy cane with me. One of you grab on. Help, Ivor, please Help. Help me save my friends


vote: save Stampy or Winslow I will not get mad if you dont save me. And not only OcelotSlayer can save me.

And vote quick, The TNT will land soon.

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