Ocelot: Ivor get Winslow I'll get Stampy

Stampy: Thanx

Ivor: Come on, Winslow!

Winslow: I can't

Ivor:I'm coming! *Trips*

Winslow(Falls): AAAH!

Ivor: Winslow!!!

Stampy(stressed): Now what? Is Ivor going to die, Eventually Ocelot and Charles and then me?

Axel: Exactly

Charles:Not much help, Axel Wait...


Stampy:We've done enough running. I choose fight ba-*trips spills water*

Axel:You were sa-tzzzt tzzzzt tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt

Stampy: No wonder Hadrian isn't in conrol! they're robots he was lying!

Charles: Then Where are the real Axel and Becky and those people?

Mevia: Dead

Ocelot: That's not true!

Mevia: We did not program you to be like that! You will have to join TeamFish.

Ivor: I have a question, Mevia.

Mevia: Wat is that?

Ivor: is it true that youre allergic to cats?

Mevia:Yes. Now be gone.Break Time

(?) New location: Fish house. Lights suddenly turn off

Voice: I am the white Pumpkin, your host. One of you has the pet i desire and I will not rest till it is mine even if i have to resort to murdering Hadrian and Mevia!

(?) Cassie Rose appears out of nowhere destroying the poster of Hadrian and Mevia you have.

Cassie: WHen did you fix that picture, Unicorn?

Ocelot: Unicorn?

Cassie: OH no... Robots umm 

Ivor: No We're not robots! There's more people that escaped?

Cassie: Yes but All we remember is fighting... That's when I realized or remembered I had a pet when I saw Winslow.

Ivor,Charles,Stampy, and Ocelot: Cause he is!!!

Charles: Who escaped?

Cassie: TEAMMILK except Georgia. We had to fight back, so..

Nell: Totally Righteous, Brah! Wrong. time still? Ill like totally be back *Jumps in fireplace*

Charles:We know Mevia's weakness, Cats!

Ocelot: Mevia's got that covered I'm not a cat anymor neither is Winslow and even if he was, hes well umm...

Cassie: That's what the reverse potion is for! That fell off my pocket...

Charles: The guys are at the dungeon! The real people not the robots!

{find Potion with Cassie] [Go to find the guys with Charles]

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