Megan:hehe. Now the Gold wood?

Winslow: We told you. Nope nothing

Megan: Alright then *Hops on Order's car* *order's connection suddenly fails*

Megan:Free wood!!!!!!

  • ON PM*

Order: Winslow! Did the game crash for you?

Winslow:  No....

Order: Run.. RUN!

Winslow: NO! If reports dont work, then We'll have to do it ourselves.


Winslow: Grabs wood before Megan can.

The Game: DesiringMegan is now admin

Order: Winslow, RUN!

Winslow: Wait a minute...

Order: What?

The game: Winslow is now admin

Order: 0_0 Winslow, you're a hacker too?

Winslow: No. And neither is megan. This is not a hack. It is a command. Watch if I put /me is now admin, look what the game says.

The Game: Winslow is now admin

The Game: Order of The Command Block is tired of Megan's jokes

Megan: I got rid of Cookies I can get rid of you too.

Winslow: LIES!

Megan: Then how come cookies is n-

Winslow: Spare me the chat, will ya?

Megan: *is furious* *leaves

WInslow: We did it! Megan is gone!

Order;WOOO! Now time to burn him!


Winslow: I think I'll stick to normal wood from now on!

Order: XD Agreed.


Hey Guys! Did you enjoy this lumber story? If so, I have made a new thread on the roleplaying board. It is titled, THE WIKIA DESTROYER. You may sign up as anyone you would like. See you there! Link:

BYE Fellow Fishers!

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