Winslow: Order! *Jumps off mounain*

WInslow *mind*: I'll chop up this tree till its small. I'm right next to the bridge. If Order wants to go home, she'll have to crooss the bridge, I would cross the bridge, but I don't have $100 to cross it.

Pirate: Suddenly, Order sees Winslow

Order: Winslow! You got the tree!

Winslow: Yea, but it might take a while to load.

Order: That's no problem.

Pirate: Order THOUGHT that would be no problem, but suddenly, a mysterious person crossed the bridge and saw the two. They knew she was no good at first glance.DesiringMegan soon saw that they had gold wood.

DesiringMegan: *hops on Order's car*

Order: GET OFF!

Megan: Give me gold wood, then

Winslow: We aint giving you nothing

Order: Yeah go get your own.

Megan: One.....Two.......Three


Megan: *sprays water at Winslow*


Order: Leave my Damn friend alone.

Megan: And as for you....

Big voice: STOP! STOP! That is NOT how the story goes!

Pirate: Then you tell it! I liked "Arrrr you ready?" better

Little kids: Yessss!

Pirate: I cant hear YOUUUUU!

Little kids: How loud do you want us to sing Damn.

Pirate: *goes to Spongebo

Big Voice: Narrator!

Narrator: Really? I'm Narrator?Ok..Ok... *crosses off where Megan starts counting and everything after it* Suddenly, a player named Zxcookies joins the game.

Megan: Cookies go away you can't join.

Winslow: ZxCookies can join whichever game she feels like

Order: Winslow....

Winslow: What?

Order: ZxCookies is gone.

Narrator: Well? Big voice?

Big voice: ?...... OH!!!!! Right To Be continued 

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