Hey Fancats and Fancatguys! I am not a girl. I just wanted to reveal this because just because im a cat doesn't mean im a girl! Just like my friend, ITSSSREUBEN who is a GIRL. i'm just starting a blog for the first time. I was interested because I was watching a Dog with a Blog rerun and I realized, Hey if dogs can have blogs, why can't cats?

Since this IS my first blog, I think I should introduce myself. I will read the comments, so dont hesitate to write in it! Anyways... I am Winslowmeow commonly known as Winslow. Ask me questions and they will be answered randomly! I will give shoutouts to my Fancats and Fancatguys! My first shoutout will go to the person that asked me to do this: congrats and thanx to ITSSSREUBEN!

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