Hadrian: No more clones! We must make the real people robots!

Mevia: Agreed

Winslow: I thought you were dead!

Hadrian: Were old builders! We dont die.

Otto: But if the royal builder is to come, he can get us out of our positions.

Axel: Who is the royal builder?

Otto: He is-

Hadrian: Thats none of you business

Mevia: *Flicks lever*

Otto, Hadrian, and Mevia: *teleport to higher ground*

Hadrian: Release the zombies!

  • About a hundred zombies come out*
  • slay them easily*

Mevia: just release 5 ender draons!

All: Oh no

Otto: This isn't right!

Hadrian: *throws him onto the battlefield*

Otto: No!

Cassie: *Has command block* Say goodbye the Order of the stone way!

Ocelot: Yea!

  • nell appears*: I am the royal builder. I hereby ban Hadrian and Mevia!
  • Both dissapear*

Nell: I need someone to take my place, but who? Since i do not know how to make a poll, Comment it down Below!

Georgia, CaptainUnicorn,Cassie,Jesse,Olivia,Ocelot,Ytgirl,Becky,Stacy,Axel,Sofia,Ldshadowlady,Petra,Lukas,Dan,Charles,Stampy.Ivor,Harper or me!

See you next time! Bye fish lovers!

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