Here are the characters!

TEAMMILK: Georgia, CaptainUnicorn, Cassie, Jesse, Olivia

TEAMCOOKIES: OcelotSlayer, Youtubegirl, Becky MCPE, StacyPlays, Axel

TEAMKITKAT:Sofiawikia88,L dShadowLady, Petra, Lukas , DanTDM

TEAMFISH4LIFE:Charles, WInslowmeow, StampyCat, Ivor, Harper


B4 the story starts, I wanted to say that I was sick a couple days in a row. So I couldnt get out of bed. But here I am! Thanks for voting! If you havenr voted, yet you still want to, you still have that option! Except you will join later. I will start tommorow. Today's shoutout goes to the TEAMMILK people! and Thx for voting milk! 

If u want to talk to me, im on chat almost every day. If I can get on chat. The worst is yet to come. WINTER!!! I'm not saying I don't ike the snow but i'ts getting sick that I don't like. Every day I'm coughing and sneezing and having a bad temperature. AAAH! I hate when I have to stay inside looking out my window jealous of everyone else's snowcats. But this year, I will hope for something different. I can feel it in my fur!

(Can someone make a picture of me covered in snow please? After all, the pictures are the best part of the wiki and the artists who make it!)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Here are the rules: No nukes. No killing your own team. This action is punishable by your elimination. You get eliminated when you run out of hearts. If your whole team isn't eliminated by he end of the round, you're still in! The teammates who did get eliminated will be back in if their team is still in the game.


Anyways, If you have already made a story for my contest, send me a link to it on my message wall. Thanx! Bye!

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