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  • I live in the mansion
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is Student
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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    The day we've all been waiting for has finally come. Today is me birthday. :D

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    L: IF Cassie was mind controlled, we would still need to know who REALLY was the white pumpkin.

    Order: This doesn't make sence. Mind controlled people have red eyes.

    Ender: I have an answer for that. Cassie has poor vision. So, she wears glasses. But, In the mansion she was wearing her contacts.

    Dom: we would have to go to the mansion to find out who has the flint and steel.

    Peace: Oh HEEEEECK NO!!!! I am not going in there!!!!!

    Becky: Yes. We. are.

    They make it to the mansion. All of them. Even Peace.

    Ocelot: This place is emptier than I rememer.

    ???: Empty?

    Peace: *turns as white as paper* G-G-G-G-G-G- GHOOOOOSSST!!!

    TourqueDawg: Who you callig Ghost?

    Dom: He's not dead!

    TourqueDawg: Nope. I'm back and better than ever. Cassie Rose used the same mag…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    The gang arrives at Ender's. Hoping for proof to free the guys.

    L: So you're telling me, that even though Cassie wears a white pumpkin and blue jumpsuit, and we saw her do it, she didn't?

    Ender: Okay. Here's some evidence I've gathered up. First piece of evidence is this: *shows a youtube video of Cassie Rose*

    Order: What's Cassie's intro supposed to mean?

    Ender: Not the intro. the date. she posted a video the same day the Mansion was attacked by the white pumpkin.

    Dom: Yeah? How are you supposed to prove this worng? *shows Cassie Rose as White Pumpkin*

    Ender: Here's what I got. Cassie...

    All: *Lean forward*

    Ender:... Wears a hat.


    Ender: A hat can cover hair, and a mind-controll chip.

    Ocelot: So you're telling me…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Crown Mesa's heroes: WInslow, Order, Becky, Ocelot, Cassie, Dom, Lnerd, Peace and Harper were celebrating their win. shortly afteer that, Order sees Winslow visiting Wolf's memorial.

    Order: Hai, Wins.

    Wins: Oh. Hey.

    Order: He was a good guy.

    Wins: Yeah. I hated seeing him go.

    Order: ...

    Wins: * picking up phone* It's Peace.

    Order: ?

    Winslow: The police? Why?

    Order: !

    Winslow: *hangs up.*

    Order: What's happening?!?!?

    Winslow: Cassie got arrested.

    Order: WHAT?

    Winslow: Yeah. Guess they still can't get over the White Pumpkin business.

    Order: But she just SAVED THE WORLD!

    Winslow: And she never killed any of the youtubers.  Well... at least she didn't mean to.

    Order: Winslow you don't have to lie to me! I'm your friend!

    Winslow: I'm NOT lying.

    Winslow can see co…

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  • XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Oh no!

    July 11, 2017 by XxFishTimeWinslowxX

    Guys... I just re-watched Reuben's death. But this time, differently. I watched Dan TDM reacting to Reube's death. And he got just as emotional as me. 1 comment = 1 support for DanTDM and I.

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