XCassie Rosex

aka Cassie Rose

  • I live in a place
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is I'm an artist/animator :3
  • I am Female
  • XCassie Rosex


    I guess every blog I make is gonna start out like that. It's my intro now.

    Yea. The title is pretty self explanitory, and 21 Days will be off haitus soon, so I hope you're ready for it. In the meantime, you can ask me questions and make me do stupid stuff.

    Note: This will be referenced and mentioned in the future.

    Guess that's it! I'll respond ASAP to your... things. Goodbye for now, my star children!

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  • XCassie Rosex

    Day 1: The first day after being left for dead and I supposedly have 21 days until I die of starvation and all I have is one fishing rod and this slightly worn diamond axe. At least I have Winslow to keep me company. 

    It hasn't been long and I've already noticed that I can't plan alone. I need help, help from you guys. Listen, I'm sorry about what happened. I was, and still am, desperate bit that's okay because you can help me. I'll make entrees daily to update what happened and interact with you. I'll also reply to comments. Thanks. -Cassie

    (Question of the day: Fanged Creepers, Yay or Nay?)


    Day 2: People responded! It's not much but I still have a chance! And one person really gave m…

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