Papa Narrator: Hello Everyone, Today, We will read some stories based on MCSM and its Fandom!

*Grabs Book from bookshelf and Sits on the couch by the fireplace* Lets Begin

Our First Story is called "P.A.M.A. And The Witherstorm on a date"

The Witherstorms Dad: NO PARTIES TONIGHT, YOUR GROUNDED! *slams door*

The Witherstorm: ._.

A Few Hours Later

The Witherstorm: *gets a text from P.A.M.A.* Time to sneak out >:D

The Two met at The Witch's Hut (A Restraunt, Silly)

P.A.M.A.: Your Personality is, Perfect

The Witherstorm: Thanks

Bird Waiter: Hello, What would you like?

The Witherstorm: I'll Have the Steak

Ms. Cow: *jaw drops*

P.A.M.A.: And I'll have the Chicken

Bird Waiter: Excuse Me?

10 Minutes Later

Apple Waitress: Ok, What Dessert Would you like?

P.A.M.A.: We will have the Fruit Smoothie, It Tastes like Beauty, Just Like You

The Witherstorm: *blushes*

Apple Waitress: *pukes* Why MY PEOPLE?! IN A DRINK?! SECURITY!!!

The Witherstorm and P.A.M.A.: *gets Kicked out of the Restraunt*

P.A.M.A.: *both at The Witherstorms House* Goodbye?

The Witherstorm: Goodbye

They Both Kissed, But then, The Witherstorms Father came out

The Witherstorm: What The--?! *gets dragged into house* *waves at P.A.M.A.*

P.A.M.A.: *waves back*

The Witherstorms Father: YOUNG LADY, You do NOT Date Freaking COMPUTERS, You could get a Virus!

At Crown Mesa

Harper: P.A.M.A.! What have I told you about daying that no good, Block Eating, Monster?! You could have gotten Withered!

Papa Narrator: *Closes Book* The End

Kid: Wut?

7 Year Old Fat Nerd: Hahaha That Story Sucked

Papa Narrator: *throws book at Fat Nerd* *in a Luigi Death Stare Face* My stories don't suck.

Thats All, Wolf OUT!

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