As John drove his car to work, he was listening to the radio

Radio: IMMA LOSER, BUT IMMA LOVE YOU!!! (Static) We interrupt this program to tell you to stay away from hospitals and go indoors, There is a AHHHHHH *Getting Eaten By Zombies*

John: Ugh, the traffick- AHHHHH *Crashes into a car*

30 Minutes Later

John: Ughhh, my head.

He soon sees an officer standing

John: OFFICER! I need help!

But the officer was a ZOMBIE


The Zombie tries to kill John, But he kicks it away, getting it jabbed by a peice of metal.

John limped towards the zombie to grab his gun. And John limped and Limped.

John: Is that, a House?

???: Hello?


???: Hi, Im Jackie. This is my house. My Mom and Dad abandoned it, but they forgot about me.

John: Well Jackie, Im John, And we need to get out of here.

Jackie: Okay.

They went out to the Streets. But no one was there.

Wolf: Hey, You Two, Are you bitten

John: No, Who are YOU?!

Wolf: Im Wolf, and this is Female Narrator

Female Narrator: Hi

Wolf: Our gamg has a place at a Nearby Walgreens. (A store)

John: Can we come with you?

Wolf: Sure

They went to the Walgreens, But Beforw they went in.

Charles: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Why are they here, Wolf?

Wolf: They aren't infected.

Charles: Good!

Wolf: I should Introduce everyone when we get in- OH GOD

Zombies Surrounded the Area

Miles: *Shoots some of them that are near* GET INSIDE!!

They got inside

Wolf: So, There is Order and Narrator

Narrator: Hello, Strangers

Order: Heyo.

Wolf: Thats Ocelot and Winslow

Winslow: Hi

Ocelot: Yo!

Wolf: Thats Jessefan

Jessefan: Whats Up?

Wolf: Thats Charles and Miles

Charles: Hello

Miles: Hey

Wolf: Thats Nico and Poli

Poli: Nice, More People to help

Nico: Yup

Wolf: And thats Ivor and Harper

Jackie: Helen!

Helen: JACKIE!!! *Hugs Jackie* Im glad your okay!

Wolf: Everyone, Welcome John to the Group- OH NO

The zombies were breaking into the store


Order: *Gets Out Pistol* Lets MOVE

Poli: Wolf, We will cover!

John: *Gets Out Pistol* Jackie, stay behind me!

Wolf: *Busts In* VANS READY

Order and Ivor: *Clearing Out The Left Side* HELP, WE NEED HELP

Harper and Poli: *Shooting Zombies off the Right* GET OVER HERE AND HELP US

Who should John Help?

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