As Time Passes, The World Crumbles -The Narrator

Wolf: *Fixing the Jet* Wolf Jr, Pass me the Wrench Please!

Wolf Jr: *Gets Wrench*

Qwerty: *Building an Expansion to the Mansion* This is gonna be, AWESOME

Ocelot: *Drawing Harvor* EEEEEEEE

Poli: *Riding in a Police Car*

At The Evil Giant Skull

Brian: FINALLY, My tuna is ready

Kitkat: Meow!

Brian: MINE, MY TUNA *Hiss*

Kitkat: *Roar*

Brian: OK OK *Hands Over Tuna* But Yeah, I will finally Destroy the New Order of the Stone, MUAHAHAAHAHHAHAHHA *Cell Phone Rings*

Brian: What is it?

Order:*On Phone* HEYO, *Snickers*

Soren: Gimmie the Phone *Grabs Phone From Order* AHEM, *Cough, Snicker* Scary, May be Gary, but he's a Swell DONKEY, Sally, Dilly DONKEY, Give her Formidi-Bombs She Tries!

Everyone: *Laughing*

Brian: SCREW YOU, New OOTS!!! *Ends Call*

Qwerty: Who was that?

Charles: Hey Guys, I noticed Something!


Ivor: What The HECK?!

A Giant Skull Was in the Sky



Qwerty: *Builds a Cannon* Lets Do This!

War Starts

Charles: These Guys need to DIE

Ocelot: *Gets Swords* LETS GOOOO

Everyone: *Gets In Jet*

Wolf: *Flies Jet to the Skull*

Brian: *Gets Out Diamond Hoe* LETS FIG-

Everyone and Kitkat: *Laughing*

Brian: *Gets Out Diamond Longsword* LETS FIGHT

Thats All for Now, Wolf OUT

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07:23, January 8, 2017 (UTC)

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