Welcome Back People

Wolf: *Flying the jet* Guys, I don't know why Soren is doing this!

Poli: Wolf, Do You want me to fly?

Ellegaard: *Using Redstone Barge* How IS there jets in MINECRAFT

Wolf: IDK

Soren: *Smashes the TNT Store*

Magnus: *On Flying Barge* You Will PAY

Ocelot: Oh No, He is gonna smash the MALL

Dramatic Music Intensifies

Ivor: I know how to solve this! *Spawns 3 Witherstorms*

Soren: *Runs Away*

Episode 4 Continues Then

Order: Thanks Guys! I thought he was gonna destroy the place!

Ivor: No Problem

Poli: Lets Head Home

At The OOTS Mansion

Order: *Backflips Out of kitchen* I have Popcorn!!!

(In TV)

Reporter: Isa, What do you have to say about this?

Isa: I can't Believe someone wanted to Murder my pet, Benedict, because they were "Hungry"

(Off TV)

Ivor: I thought we would never have to hear that blasted chicken name ever again!!!

(On TV)

Milo: *Takes a Block of Diamond*

Reginald: HEY, That took us WEEKS To get!

(Off TV)

Harper: Helen, Its time to build another robot, Since the last one failed

Helen: *Gets Redstone* Ok


Ocelot: Hello!

Qwerty: Hi, Ever Since you saved me, can I join your team?


Female Narrator: WOLF, Your Dog is speading the night outside

Wolf: *Goes Into Kitchen* Hey, That Mea- *Gags* Whats that smell?!

Female Narrator: Exactly

Well, Thats All, Wolf OUT

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