Charles: I can't believe it, Wolf, Lever, and Ivor are all Glitches!

Order: We will save them, But First, We have to MURDER Hadrian

Poli: MURDER?!?! Are you insane woman?!!?!

Order: *with fire in her eyes* We will send him into *evil voice* The Nether

Hadrian: *has a Potion of Fire Resistance* I'm 100 Steps ahead of you

Fat Nerd: Hadrian is Bae

Everyone stared in disgust

Fat Nerd: You guys are lose- AHHHH *Becomes a Glitch*

F4t N3rd: I fr34k1ng H4t3 y0u

Hadrian: Well, Time to go *gets a ride from Thomas the Tank Engine

Poli: Oh Heck No

Order: This Isn't a Childrens Cartoon!

Charles: JUST DYE ALREADY *throws Dye at Hadrian*

Hadrian: Hahaahahahaah, Such Ignorance, Such Fun watching you suffer- *gets Glitched by Glitchy 4.M.4.P.*

4.M.4.P.: F0rg0t 4b0ut M3?

Poli: *hides in Bunker* Everyone In, Orders gonna be really Ticked Off

4.M.4.P.: Y0u w1ll f41l, 1 w1ll m4k3 y0ur w0rld m1s3r4bl3, Ju5t l1k3 h0w y0ur f33l1ng5 4r3 4b0ut Rueben

Everyone except Order: *in Bunker, Peeking Out the Door*

Order: Mention my pig again, I dare you!

4.M.4.P.: RUEBEN RUEBEN, H3'5 4 g0n3r, 4nd N0w w3 34t h1m

Order: *brutally murders 4M4P*


Becky: His Leg is cramped

Ocelot: OH GOD, Not the Eyeball, *CRACK, SCREAM* Ugh, The Eyeball

Harper: Helen, Close your eyes

Poli: I'll try to calm her down

Helen: Why is that Robot spilling Red Kool Aid and Not Oil?

Poli: Order?

Order: *in demonic voice* WHAT? I'm trying to Murder this Stupid Computer

Poli: Can you calm down?

Order: *In Normal Voice* Fine, But One last thing, *Crushes 4.M.4.P. with an Anvil*

Everything turnedback to Normal

Qwerty: YAY


Lever: Finally, That felt horrible

Wolf: Hey Poli, *punches him* and Thanks for calming down Order

Poli: No Problem *puts ice pack on his face*

Wolf: Thanks for killing AMAP

Order: No Problem

Poli: Hey Order, I bet you can't beat me back to the Homeland Portal *runs to the Portal*

Order: Oh yeah I WILL *Gets Out Sword and Runs After Poli*

Female Narrator: *Has Cup of Tea* You did it again Wolf, you did it again

Wolf: Thank Order, She Stopped this thing

Female Narrator: I have been looking for a Partner for a While Now

Narrator: *Walks away saying No 1000s of times*

Wolf: Your Fine as who you are Right Now....

Female Narrator: Thanks Wolf


Wolf Inventory:

🐺 Wolf Jrs. Bones


Potion of Night Vision

Lapis Lazuli


And A Diamond Axe

And Random Cubes when Wolf Jr. Is Bored: ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅

Female Narrator: Are you sure you need those last ones?

Wolf: I Will

Everyone headed home

Well, Thats All, Wolf OUT

Wolfboy231 My Message Wall

09:49, December 21, 2016 (UTC)

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