Its Time for more Of TSOSW (idek)

Order: *looks out window* Our home was destroyed AGAIN

Petra: Hey, At least Jesse's Here!

Male Jesse: Thanks...

Poli: Now I can't call Wolf TobyBoy. I miss those days

Wolf: Fine *Grabs Poli's Spaghetti, Duck Tape, Pillows, Black Dye, Tem Flakes, and A Charles Plushy*

Wolf: Female Narrator? Wheres my Frying Pan?!

Female Narrator: *gives Wolf frying pan*

Poli: Frying Pa- *gets knocked by Wolf*

20 Hours Later

Poli: What Happened?

Order: Another Night, Another Bite of Spaghetti Wolf toke.


Poli: *Sits on Couch* Well, I hope Wolf didnt eat all of my Spaghetti

Charles: Actually, He ate it all


Reginald: *breaks down door* FREEZE CRIMINAL

Charles: Uh Oh *runs*

Ocelot: Wheres Charles?

Order: Reginald is chasing him down

Charles: My TEETHHHH

Wolf: *In a Annoying Dog Costume that looked like a pillow exploded* Heyo

Helen: Aunt Order, I found Something!

Order: Uhh, First of All, I'm not an Aunt, and Second of all, What is it?!

Helen: A Portal!

They Raced Downstairs, And Found it

It was already lit.

Everyone gathered around it.

Harper: I hope its, Useful!

Order: Not That Again

Lever: *from Ocelots Inventory* Seriously, Usefulness?

Hadrian: *kicks everyone into the Portal* I'll first start with the Beardo. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

3 Hours Later

*Police Sirens*

6l1tchy 6uy: Th3 c0p5 4r3 aft3r m3!!!!

Order: We are in Qw3rtys Homeland.

Ocelot: Which Means, We are in a Computer!

Helen: YES, I am gonna make this World Useful Again!

Harper: Sweetie, Stay Clos-

Wolf: Guys, LOOK

He pointed to Ivor, Who was glitching

Ivor: NOOOooooo

1v0r: H3ll0 6uy5!

Harper: NOOOO!

Lever: Use me to activate that Switch!

Ocelot put the Lever on the Wood Block, Opening a Secret Passageway

P4p4 Qw3rty: N0t 50 53cr3t 4ft3r 4ll!

He and the Other Glitches ran towards the Gang

Lever: And, Im stuck here *shuts door* AHHHHHHH

L3v3r: Th15 15 ju5t gr34t, 1m n0w 4 gl1tch!

The Programmer: Hi!

Order: Hello?

The Programmer: I can defeat these things! But, I didnt have help, but now I do!

They got the </delete> Weapons and started to slice the Glitches in half

45df 6uy: <cross> Th353 6uy5 L00k L1k3 Punk5 <cross> M0mmy, H3lp m3! W44444!!!!

Order: *slices 45df 6uy*

Charles: Just DIE ALREADY!!!! *stabs 10 Glitches*

Wolf: Ivor, I'll help him!

Order: Wolf, NO!

Wolf: Oh cruiuuuu

W0lf: 5h00t, 6uy5, H3lp m3! 1'm 4 Gl1tch

Poli: One Sec!

The gang was soon Surrounded by Glitches

The Programmer: *in Lugi Death Stare Face* Get the Water Buckets

Gl1tch35: 4hhhhhhh!!!!

The Glitches were too scared of the Water Buckets

The Gang Moved back to the Exit Portal to defeat Hadrian!

Well, Thats All, Wolf OUT

Wolfboy231 My Message Wall

09:41, December 19, 2016 (UTC)

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