Hello, Welcome Back, This Episode has a few Caps, so, Yeah... Just a Warning

As the team prepared for the Finale Game, Dragon Run, The Team Talked a bit

Order: Well Guys, Its The Final Game, We HAVE TO WIN to get outta here!

Poli: Finally! Freedom is in our hands!

Petra: Good Luck Guys!

Poli: Thanks Petra

Becky: Its a 2 Team CHALLENGE! So We are with you guys!!!

Order: COOL!

Wolf: Order, What If we never make it?

Order: Don't say that!

Peaceable: I swear to god, If Fat Nerd got an Exception AGAIN, I'm gonna put him on a Island with a Volcano, an Active one.

Everyone stared

When the Teams got to the stations, Through the Bars, They Saw a Horrible Sight

Game Guard: GET IN THERE! You stupid Dragon!

The Team saw Ender being forced into a Cage

Order: No, Not Ender, Not that poor Dragon

Announcer: Alright Ladies and GentleGamers! It's Time, For the Game FINALE!

Crowd: Woooooo!!!

Red Team Warrior: Alright, Team Purpur! Lets Kill those chumps *points to Newcomers and Green Team*

Announcer: Its Team Purpur (Red and Blue Team) and Team? Team- Team?

Order: TEAM ORDER! (Newcomers and Green Team

Announcer: Alright, Ready, Set, GO!

The Gates Opened, and the Teams Ran

The Cage Opened, Letting Ender Out

Ender: Guys, Help Me!

Ender was being ridden by Fat Nerd

Peaceable: Fat Nerd...

Fat Nerd: YOU! I've been waiting since you Eleminated Me 2 Months Ago for this!

Peaceable: Wow, You have THAT much of a Memory, I thought It was "Eat, Sleep, Troll 10 Year Olds on COD, Repeat"

Fat Nerd: Mighty Majestic Dragon, Kill That Pesky Human

Ender: No

Fat Nerd: Excuse Me?

Ender: I said NO

Fat Nerd: Then I will Murder yo-

Fat Nerd was knocked off Ender by Poli, In Which Fat Nerd Fell Into some Lava

Order: Dang Poli, You have Those Skills?

Poli: Is That a Complement? Or Was It an Offense?

Order: Maybe a Compliment? :3

Poli: *Blushes A Bit*

Red Team Warrior: Hey Chumps! Get a loaf of this! *throws Bread at Ivor*

Ivor: OOOO

Wolf: *facepalm*

Red Team Warrior: *gets a Bow* and a Load of th-

Ender: *ROAR*

Red Team Warrior: *Screams Like a Little Girl and Jumps Off Cliff*

Wolf: Holy Sugar Canes

They Stopped at Warrior Way

Ender: I'll Fight Em, and The Opposite Team, You guys get through!

The Gang Runs Through, Avoiding Warriors and Competetors

Youtube: Hey Guys!

Wolf: Hi! Its Been a While

Youtube: Ikr! INCOMING!

She Pushed Wolf Out of the Way of Some TNT

Wolf: NOOOO!

Youtube was hit

Order: *helps Youtube Up* Keep Going!

The Gang Is Suddenly Surronded by Warriors

Poli: Aughhh! *gets Sword and Fights Off Warriors*

Order: Help! Someone! Im Surrounded!

Poli saved her

Order: Thanks

Wolf: Guys? *Points to Ivor*

Ivor was almost about to be killed by a Warrior, When Harper Punched the Warrior and Knocked him into the Lava

Ivor: Thanks Harpe-

She Kissed Him

Everyone: O-O


The Gang Ran to the Finale Room, But The Floor Was knocked Out, The Only Person that Remained was Order

Order: NOOO! Fine, I got this

She Slowly Approached the Finish Line

Fat Nerd: *Burnt And Beat Up* I, Will WIN, for My 4 Girlfriends!

Order: NO! I'm Winning this Thing

She Ran to Tackle Fat Nerd, But Was Punched Away

The Floor Creaked, But Fat Nerd Almost made to the finish Line, But the Floor Came Out beneth him, Resulting in the Rest if the Gang Beating him up

Peaceable: *Kicks Fat Nerd into Volcano Island Portal* HAHA

Fat Nerd: Noooooo! My Girlfriends! The 10 Year Olds! NOOOO

3 Days Later

Announcer: I'm Proud to Announce to you, The Winners of This Years Competition, Team ORDER!

Crowd: Wooooohooooo!!!

Announcer: *loghts Portal* Goodbye!

Meanwhile at the City Demesion

During the Night, While the gang was on the City Hall Balcony, answering the Peoples Questions

Mayor: Any More Words, Heros?

Ivor: I'd Like to make One

He Got out a Diamond Ring and Proposed to Harper

Ivor: Will You, Marry Me?

Harper: After all you did, Yes, I will Marry You!

Ocelot: *Faints Of Cuteness*

Order: Oh Ivor

Ivor: I knew this Would Happen One Day!

Ocelot: I'm Setting Up the Wedding

Crowd: *Cheers*

Well, We Made it to the End, What do you think Will Happen?

Comment any Requests of If you wanna be in the Story

Thats All, Wolf OUT!

The Wolf of the Wiki 10:15, December 9, 2016 (UTC)

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