The gang was headed towards a Jungle, when Wolf stepped on a Lava Pool


Order: WOLF! Use Bold instead!

Wolf: Well I stepped on a freaking pool of Lava!!!

Order: I don't care!

The Gang passed the Jungle, to find their Home

Poli: Finally, My feet freaking hurt

Ivor: Which is why I recommended my Speed Potions!

Ocelot: Well, We didn't wanted the Monster to eat it!

Ivor: Forget the Monster!

Order: Everyone stay Calm

The Monster was right behind them...

Order: Everyone, Run!!!

Poli: *hids in bunker*

They all run

Wolf: You guys are a bunch of chickens!


Wolf: Wolf is Outta Here!

The Monster began to destroy the town

Ivor: Im sorry everyone.

Ivor got The Command Block, and spawned the Ender Dragon

Order: Nooo!

Sorry for short story! Ep. 3 will be longer

Thats all, Wolf OUT

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