Wolf: *Mutters* Im sorry guys, I have to stop Brian *Runs Up Stairs*

Brian: Nice Try, But *Knocked down by Wolf*

Wolf: *Gets Attacked By Maya and Gill*

Maya: HAHA

Gill: Blaze RODSSSS

Wolf: More like "OHHHH SHOOT" *Attacks Gill then Maya*

TWP: You Really think you can get Blaze Powder Like That? Fool.. *Attacks From Above*

Wolf: *Goes into Angry German Wolf Mode* AUGHHHHHHHH *Slices Through TWP*

Winslow (Cat): Meow *Crying*

Wolf: *Stares* *Walks away but throws an Egg At Winslow without looking.

PAMA: You will only Fail. Your Friends will never be revived, Female Narrator will never be revived.


Mevia: *Slices Wolf in the Back* Ahahahahahah!

Wolf: Nooo! *Thinking* I can, Do this. *Crawling Towards Brian*

Brian: MUHAAABAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Oh Wait, Its just Wolf, You'vd LOST, Get over it! No one is coming back! Not even Wolf Jr.

Wolf: Yes. Yes. THEY, WILLLLLL *Becomes Ultimately Super Saiyin and Brutally Murders Brian*

Everyone: *Smiling*

Wolf: *Smashing His Brains In even though he is dead*

Female Narrator: Wolf, Stop, STOP!

Wolf: No, Way, *Hugs Female Narrator*

Narrator: *Respawning* Ugh, That was THE WORST

Order: Thank God your back!

Youtube: *Running In* Are you guys okay!?

Poli: We are fine! Wolf Murdered Brian

Ivor: But Violence Solves Nothing!

Harper: Hey, At least there no more evil *Almost Kisses Ivor*

Nico: *Pushes Them Apart* Is he dead?! He seriously almost killed the town!

Wolf: Its Over, Lets go get Dinner

Becky: Great Idea

Wolf: How about a Pizza?

Everyone: Agreeing

Charles: Sounds Great. Lets Hurry!

Nico: Im Ordering Extra Eyebrows >>>>:3

After Everyone Walks Away

Brian: *Weakly Raises Hand* Y-You Tried. Heh, You will-l die Wol-ff. I wi-ll kil-l all of yo-ur frien-ds. *Faints*

At The Restraunt

Everyone: *Eating food*

Wolf: This Burger is AMAZING, Im glad they let us eat a LOT of stuff

Order: *Finishing An Ice Cream* All because Brian was defeated. Im glad that Idiot is dead.

Becky: *Eating A Fry* Ikr. He almost Got ALL of us Erased.

After Everyone Went Home to the Mansion

Everyone: In the TV Room, Sitting on the Compfy Couch, Watching TV*

Order: *Sitting Next To Poli* Whats On?

Ivor: *Sitting In Between Nico and Harper*

Wolf: *Laying Upside Down* I got the remote.

Everyone watched TV Together for the rest of the Night.

Well, I get to take a Break, Ill be watching TV, and Washing Brian Blood off me, See yall soon, Wolf OUT!

Wolf Fan | The Wolf of Wiki | Wiki User

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