Welcome Back

Charles: I'm gonna go steal some Blaze Rods to scare Gill >:D

Petra: Are You Guys ok?

Helen: Order killed a Computer Cat Human Thingy!

Petra: Cool, Welcome Back Order

Order: Thanks

Poli: *writes in book*

Ivor: *Singsongy Voice* Someones Got a Diary Again!

Poli: SHUT UP, Its Another Story I'm Writing, AND, I'm not the one who wears Underwear under my "Adventuring Clothes".

Ivor: You take that BACK *Chases Poli with a Splash Potion of Harming*

Meanwhile at the Mountain

Harper: Alright Sweetie, This Mountain is cleared out so we can make a Computer

Helen: YAY!

13 Days Later

Helen: Are We Done Yet?

Harper: Just this last..Block....Sweetie *Faints*

Helen: I told you we should have gotten rest!

Back at The New Orders Mansion in a Mountain

Wolf: *Turns On TV*

(On TV)

Gabriel: I, Have Never Told a Lie!

Soren: Yeah Right

Ellegaard: Hey Soren, *Gets Out Command Block*



Ellegaard: *Vaccums Magnus' Ghost*

Teenager Soren: *Comes Out Of Time Machine* What is this loser place?

Teenager Magnus: Idk Dude


Ellegaard: Ughh, I forgot Magnus Liked Illegal Fireworks in his teenage years

Teenager Ellegaard: Says The Lady That likes Nerd Stuff HAHAHAHAHAH *High Fives Teenager Magnus*

Gabriel: Hey! Dont Talk to Ellegaard that way! *gets Out Sword*

(Out of TV)

Poli: Hey, Has anyone seen Order?

(On TV)

Order: *Opens Door*

Ellegaard: I forgot you took my armor

Order: Oh, I'm not here for you, Jerk *revives Magnus*

Magnus: YEA!

Crowd: One Side: YEAAAAAA! Other Side: BOOOOOOOO!

The End!

Ocelot: Uh Guys, Look!

Wolf: Oh No

A Giant Soren was outside

Soren the Giant: WHERE IS ORDER?!?!?!?!!?

Ocelot: We have to save Order

Gill: *Busts into room* BLAZE ROODDSSSS *Gets Hit in the head with Blaze Rods*

Charles: DIRECT HIT!


He Grabs Everyone and Gets Them Into the Private Jet

Wolf flies the jet to find Order

Well, Thats All, Wolf OUT

Wolfboy231 My Message Wall

07:17, December 24, 2016 (UTC)

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