Welp, Yall requested it, but it was a long time ago because of THE TIE.

John: Jackie! Help Wolf get Poli and Harper! Ill help Ivor and Order!!!

Jackie: Ok!

John: *Shoots The Rest of the Zombies*

Order: Thanks!!!

Ivor: HARPER!!

Jackie: AHHHH *Grabbed by the Leg by a Zombie*

Wolf: *Stomps on the Zombie*

Harper: *gets scratched by a Zombie* AURGHHHH, Stupid peice of PAMA!!

Jackie: *Runs to Poli and Stabs a Zombie in the Leg with a Screwdriver, but then gets a Black Eye*



They got to the van and escaped

Wolf: God Dang, That was Horrible.

Ivor: *Patching Up Harper* You will be fine

Jackie: *Holding a Ice Pack on her eye*

Wolf: *Stops the van* CRAP

Order: The Forest is FILLED with those things


They drove away

Meanwhile, at the Bottom of a Highway Ramp

Peaceable: Man, I miss everybody

Becky: To see them be torn apart. Its all we had.

Youtube: *Comes out of the Forest* I got some supplies, but not a lot.

The Van Stopped Next to them

Becky: Who are you guys?! No way, You Guys?!?! Your alive?!?

Youtube: I forgot to mention ZOMBIES!!

The Zombies Came to attack them

Peaceable: EVERYONE, To the Camp! Ill fend them off *Grabs A Shovel*

Jackie: John, We need to get to that camp!

Peaceable: John, get everyone inside! The Zombies are catching up

Everyone: Ahhhh!

Who should John Help?

The poll was created at 22:55 on March 11, 2017, and so far 4 people voted.

If I see another Tie, NO POLLS

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