• Wolfboy231

    Wolf took a bit to decide, but he made a decision.

    "Dom" he said.

    "What!?" Steve moaned.

    "Well, we don't have time to waste" said Ren

    They rushed over to Dom's area.

    "Uh yes, may I have the #3 with no cheese and extra ketchup?" A man asked.

    "For the last time, this isn't the Burger Palace" Dom replied...

    "Kek" He said, and the man ran off

    "Um, hello there" Wolf said

    "What can I do?" Dom said

    "We are trying to stop Alex, he is attempting to rig the votes according to a notebook entry" Miles explained

    "Wow, thats, serious" Dom said

    "We need to hurry, and the best choice of passage is...

    The Mueseum."

    "Welp, lets go then, this crowd is dead anyway" Oce said.

    They went to the broken highways, the night rains as the group walked towards the tall tower they ca…

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  • Wolfboy231

    "It's Beautiful..."

    The group walked into the main lobby of the Mueseum, on the third floor, awed by its space and height.

    "Guys remember, we cam't hang out here forever, the place was abandoned for a reason..." Ender. "Monsters".

    "I remember this mueseum, god it was a bit boring, but it always had a place in our hearts, now they has to bomb it to get rid of some stupid vandals..." Dom said.

    Wolf opened a door to a hallway, leading to the bridge connecting the Mueseum and Office Building, suddenly, a monster attacked him.

    Ocelot quickly reacted, grabbed the monster off Wolf and sliced it with her sword.

    "Should we get moving?" Poli said

    "I guess" Ender replied

    After helping Wolf up, the group went into the higher floors of the mueseum.




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  • Wolfboy231

    (Warning, total randomness XD)

    This is a parody I made based on the meme, Garfielf, but with Jesse and Axel XD

    Lets Begin:

    • Jesse: Stuffing your face as usual
    • Akeshul: I gotta have a good meal
    • Jesse: Akeshul you fat human, why are you so freaking fat?
    • Akeshul: I eat Jesse, its what I do.
    • Akeshul: Its time to kick Reuben off the table.
    • Jesse: Dont do it, Akeshul, that is our pet pig, Reuben.
    • Akeshul: your going into orbit, you stupid porkchop! *Kicks Reuben*
    • Akeshul: Time for a nap, I'm a Human who loves to snooze.
    • Jesse: Akeshul you lazy human
    • Akeshul: I hate alarm clocks
    • Akeshul: i am hungry I want some cookies
    • Jesse: your eating out of treehouse and home, AXESHULL
    • Akeshul: Enough with the chit chat lets get some grub going
    • Grub Tim…
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  • Wolfboy231

    One time, Decades ago... People, humans, aliens, even cats lived in a world. A world so perfect, no one could ruin it...

    But that statement was proven wrong...

    VANDALS. Vandals everywhere... they attacked the city, destroying many things in their way...

    After the attack, the staff made desparate measures to bring the world back to order, even killing the people they could not take care of.

    10 Years Later....

    Wolf wakes up in his room. He still remembers the horrible memories of the 'End'

    Ender was using a model of the city. He was planning Escape Attempt #235...

    Poli was just listening to the radio. Winslow was talking with Oce, Steve was just watching the news, and everyone else was just eating breakfast.

    Ender: C'mon. Route 345 is CLOGGED with s…

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  • Wolfboy231

    (Yes, I have permission from Ender, kudos to him, btw)

    I have an idea for the characters in LAW, Custom Armor!

    Just tell me your favorite 2-3 Colors, and any specific designs! (Heck, yoi could request any bases from the actual armors in mcsm)


    • Ender (Complete)
    • Order (Incomplete)
    • Lnerd (Incomplete)
    • Lever (Incomplete)
    • Jessefan (Complete)
    • Becky (Incomplete)
    • Lever (Incomplete)
    • Winslow (Incomplete)
    • Steve (Incomplete)
    • Alex (Complete)
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