• Wolfboy231

    One time, Decades ago... People, humans, aliens, even cats lived in a world. A world so perfect, no one could ruin it...

    But that statement was proven wrong...

    VANDALS. Vandals everywhere... they attacked the city, destroying many things in their way...

    After the attack, the staff made desparate measures to bring the world back to order, even killing the people they could not take care of.

    10 Years Later....

    Wolf wakes up in his room. He still remembers the horrible memories of the 'End'

    Ender was using a model of the city. He was planning Escape Attempt #235...

    Poli was just listening to the radio. Winslow was talking with Oce, Steve was just watching the news, and everyone else was just eating breakfast.

    Ender: C'mon. Route 345 is CLOGGED with s…

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  • Wolfboy231

    (Yes, I have permission from Ender, kudos to him, btw)

    I have an idea for the characters in LAW, Custom Armor!

    Just tell me your favorite 2-3 Colors, and any specific designs! (Heck, yoi could request any bases from the actual armors in mcsm)


    • Ender (Complete)
    • Order (Incomplete)
    • Lnerd (Incomplete)
    • Lever (Incomplete)
    • Jessefan (Complete)
    • Becky (Incomplete)
    • Lever (Incomplete)
    • Winslow (Incomplete)
    • Steve (Incomplete)
    • Alex (Complete)
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  • Wolfboy231

    Hey guys, I haven't done a blog in a while, so, yeah. This one is about my least favorite characters in story mode.

    (Please note, this is my opinion)

    10. Lukas

    Suprising, huh? To me, Lukas is neutral. He seems a bit overrated, the fangirls, lukesse, etc. It just seems a bit annoying. Plus, to be honest, he's just meh.

    9. Hadrian

    Hadrian... wow. He just. Honestly, Hadrain wasn't the worst antagonist imo, but he *did* make those people suffer. Plus, he is just a cheater.

    8. Ivor

    Well, kinda suprising. Ivor is also like Lukas. Just meh. At this point, it seems useless to bring him back. Plus, how did Ivor not get arrested for what he did? He *destroyed* the world...

    7. Romeo (True Form)

    Honestly, his true form is just, mean. He relies on power, takes …

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  • Wolfboy231

    (I'm going to do this instead of the main storyline... .-.)

    The crowd cheered as the Governers of Wikian City came up onto the stage.

    Meanwhile, Wolf and his gang pushed through the crowd as they heared the speechs and promises the governers made....

    Wolf: Alex...

    Alex: Ah Wolf, you came back, you all came back!

    Miles: We did, didn't we?

    Alex: Well, ever since Darth's Run has expired, I've obviously gotten the main vote in the election...

    As Dom stepped off the stage, Alex was up...

    Alex: Anyways..., I should get going, you should leave, security has been high on you, Wolf...

    Some other guards (Basically Champion City guards except with Red Lines and Lapis/Diamond themed clothes, appeared into the Wikian City Main Courtyard)

    Ocelot: Let's go, this g…

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  • Wolfboy231

    2000 Edits!!

    September 3, 2017 by Wolfboy231

    Hey guys! Guess what? I got 2000 EDITS. I wanted to thank my Friends for this, along with all the staff for making this possible!

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