I'm Witherstorm, and I'm here to present to you another blog post (I haven't written one in months). This blog will be one listing my favourite quotes from Minecraft: Story Mode.

I hope you enjoy.



"What the hell is all this stuff?" -Jesse, Episode 1

"And that's how you shouldn't throw an egg!"-Jesse, Episode 2

"Holy moly, this thing won't die!" -Jesse, Episode 4

"Listen to yourself; that's insane!" -Jesse, Episode 5

"Leave him. He's made his bed, he can lie in it." -Jesse, Episode 5


"Well, well, well, if is isn't team trashbag!" -Aiden, Episode 1

"Just, DIE ALREADY!!" -AIden, Episode 5

"Stop IGNORING ME!!!" -Aiden, Episode 5

"It just drives you crazy to see someone else succeed, doesn't it?" -Aiden, Episode 5

"No, no, no, wait, hang on, hang on. I, I--I surrender, I surrender. We can still talk about this, right?" -Aiden, Episode 5


Post in the comments box YOUR favourite quotes and your favourite characters for me to do more "Favourite Quotes" things. Thank you for reading this!

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