Part 2

This is just my imagination of what would happen if MCSM had a collaboration with Puzzle and Dragons.  (Don't know Puzzle and Dragons? There are database/wiki links below.)
It is NOT related to what ttg and Gungho will do.
This part is for The Order of the Stone. The members would be the "minions" of the dungeon.

(Parameters and skill turns omitted)

Card List

Physical Type Active: That's what friends do
Change Jammer & Poison Orbs to Heart Orbs; bind recovery for 3 turns.
Leader: I wasn't expecting so many houseguests!
1.5x HP & RCV for Physical Type; 4x ATK when attacking with 4 Att. (3+Heal) at once.
Attacker Type Active: Follow me!
Change middle-most row into Wood orbs; 2x ATK for Attacker Type for 1 turn.
Leader: You can do this! You must!
1.5x HP for Attacker Type; bonus 3.5x ATK for Attacker Type when HP is greater than 80% or below 20%.
Machine Type Active: Big winner big winner big-!
Deal random Light damage equal to ATK 20-240x to a single enemy; other allies' skills charged by 1 turn.
Leader: Innovation and creativity!
2x ATK & RCV for Machine Type.  Bonus 1.5x ATK when reaching 6 combos; each additional combo up to 2 adds 0.5x ATK for a possible total of 2.5x.
Attacker Type Active: It's a cannon you'll get!
Inflict 3000 damage on all enemies; enhance Fire Orb power.
Leader: King of Boom Town
3x ATK for Fire Att.; reduce 30% damage from non-Water Att. enemies.
Healer Type Active: You have stopped nothing
Delay 1 turn to all enemies; orb movement time extended by 1 second for 3 turns.
Leader: Nothing built can last forever
1.3x HP for Healer Type; 2.5x ATK for Water Att.; heal HP equal to 100% of leader's RCV every turn with a match being made.

  • I decide their elements (Attributes: Fire, Water, Wood, Light, or Darkness) by their main occupations, not by their colors. For example, Magnus has green armor, but he is more suitable with Fire than Wood because of being a griefer.

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