Okay. I, for once, need a challenge. Now. And I've figured out exactly what to do! Architecture is the key to my success(maybe). So, I decided to create an absolutely amazing challenge: Soren's Absolutely Amazing Architects who do not use command blocks, SAAAWDNUCB for short. Or long, whatever you'd like. Post in the comments for what scene, location, person, etc. that you would like me to recreate, and will try to do it...and possibly fail, like Soren without the command block. Here's the format:

Thing you want me to recreate

Type of Jesse

And that's it. You may receive some disappointing results, but, since when was Soren not disappointing?

Oh, and people will be armor stands. Sorry, I have no friends, so...yeah.

Edit:  I've just realized this not gonna work. I'm gonna just recreate part of the scene, of my choosing. Sorry...

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