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    MCSMWN - 1

    August 12, 2017 by The Lever

    Lever: Hello, and welcome to Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki News! Theme music!

    [insert news channel music]

    Lever: Hello wikia, and welcome to...wait, I'm repeating myself. Alright, it is time for the MC:SM Info review, where we attempt to detect new information released on Minecraft Story Mode! Let's overview on Jack  , not much there...more information on the episode 2 release here ...

    Oh, and of course - the trailer !

    Lever: And now for news on this wiki. Nothing remarkable, really. However, I predict that wiki activity will explode upon the release of episode 2. That's it, I guess. Sorry for the short blog post - there isn't too much new info, and-

    Parrot Alarm: BARK! Lever to the Llama Pen! Lever to the Llama Pen!

    Lever: By the sound of…

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  • The Lever

    Episode 2 Trailer!

    August 11, 2017 by The Lever

    We have a trailer people! ( All aboard the hype train!

    So, let's analyze this.

    Looks like the Admin has a magic clock thing. Cool. Oh, what's this? What is Stella doing there?

    Now, we have a snow golem minus the pumpkin, and Jesse faceplants the ground with Jack doing a spectacular landing.

    It seems like the Admin tosses Stella into "The Arena" too. Maybe they compete against each other? It seems like it's got ice spiders. Cool.

    This has been an overly undetailed analyzation. Now go watch the trailer for yourself.

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  • The Lever

    Hello everybody, and welcome to the really late countdown! In, we will be analyzing specfic things we have no idea about, and making theories! Yay!

    So, today's topic is that random guy in the prismarine temple (the one which Domitron has as a profile picture), which I am definentely not too lazy to put a picture of him in here! Now, let's use a certain method - we take many theories, and see which ones make the most sense.

    1) He's a friend of Jack and Nurm. This seems quite likely, as they may have just picked him up upon travelling to the temple.

    2) He's this random guy they run into. Highly unlikely, but still possible, considering that he appears later.

    3) He is a long lost Old Builder. Well, he seems would be a …

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  • The Lever

    On Season 2

    April 3, 2017 by The Lever

    This blog is slightly pointless but I'd just like to say that maybe the reason TellTale is taking so long is because they are waiting for Minecraft 1.12. Seriously. They need new features to put in. The reason why Episode 8 only had one apperance of a 1.11 thing was because development probably started before 1.11 was even revealed to exist. So, we may expect a season 2 perhaps 5 months after the release of 1.12 (now with parrots!). I just wanted to get that out...


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  • The Lever

    The Wiki is Dying...

    January 7, 2017 by The Lever

    Well, ever since the release of episode 8, us at the Minecraft: Story Mode wiki have been waiting for season 2. That is...until there wasn't much left to do...therefore, I have come up with a list on what we should do!

    We SCOUR! We SEARCH! We take apart everything in search of more Easter Eggs since there isn't much else to do.

    Self-explanatory. Block all portals to prevent future usefulness.

    We wait. Is there anything else to say?

    Take apart every episode for ship evidence...again. go to the TellTale headquarters and riot.

    I'm out of ideas. Oh well. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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