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  • SuperLaserGuy1

    Hello, SuperLaserGuy1 here. There was a question I wanted to ask ever since I signed up for the wiki. What will we do once Minecraft Story Mode is done? Ludwig, Thibo, Luigi, RuNNer (probally inactive) type down at least ideas tops for now in the comments. Happy New Years for all! 

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  • SuperLaserGuy1

    HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Santa in the house HERE! I want to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2016 will be a new year for all of us and a new generation for this wiki! What adventures will there be for the new Order of the Stone? How will episode 5 be? The Witherstorm threat has been dominated and Jesse and his gang reign supreme. Contributers, admins, and moderators, I wish you Merry Craftmas! Oh yeah. You may be asking, "The heak is Craftmas?" Well, it's nothing but a pun as of now. But soon, it will turn out to be a real Minecraft Story Mode event. Keep editing, and craft on! Just wait till Minecraft Pole a.k.a Microsoft gets a load of this! In 2016, we'll be trying our best to keep this wiki crafty. MERRY CRAFTMAS!!! CRAFT!…

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  • SuperLaserGuy1

    Episode 4 Hype!

    December 19, 2015 by SuperLaserGuy1


    Alright, this is my first blog post, so please cut me some slack. Just a few more days until episode 4 is released. I don't know about this, but here are some predictions from what I saw and know.

    1. I think Jesse will have to go inside the Witherstorm (well duh, that's obvious)

    2. Jesse's gang is going to be the new Order of the Stone (also obvious)

    3. I think that Jesse will use an enchanted weapon to break the command block.

    4. I hate to say it, but I have to. I think Reuben will die (as a hero ok?).

    5. Petra/Gabriel will pass away from sickness (ALSO obvious).

    6. DanTDM is going to cry when Reuben dies (please don't make Reuben die Telltale Games).

    7. Ivor will have many cool and COOL things that he will …

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