Jesse: Steve, c'mon! We have to go... Steve?

Steve: What? (Eats Valentine's Day Chocolate)

Jesse: Stop eating we have to go!

Steve: Where?

Jesse: To Endercon, your maroon! Today what day is it, Steve?

Steve: Christmas?

Jesse: (Facepalm) No, idiot! It's Valentine's Day! And today we gonna celebrate it on Endercon.

Steve: Man, i should not eat the chocolate then.

Jesse: Not at all! Anyway, let's go.

Steve: But the clock is seven.

Jesse: So!?

Steve: I have to sleep.

Jesse: Please, who sleeps will kill Valentine's Day!

Steve: Huh?

Jesse: Ah forget it! Anyway i gonna send my Valentine's gift to Petra, what are you gonna... THIS IS NOT CHRISTMAS I SAID!

Steve: No, i just decorate the tree so Olivia would like it.

Sorry i tried really to make this funny but i was a little too sleepy. Anyway, this was just from my mind. Hope you even like it.

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