aka Steve

  • I live in Europe (Minecraft)
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Miner
  • I am Male
  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yes, Guys! Yes, Sigh... I do now this things only in Saturdays and "Steve's Blocky Misadventures!" in Mondays from now on so yes... I am bored, wanted to do this... Well remember even but right man this is just for fun! I am mostly fighting some characters in my opinion those i fight here often makes me very annoyed... Or else they only are jerks... And this is the first guy i beat up so remember this is kinda drama but it is meant to be comedy since why not this is also a parody of an adult animated show and ya guys are mostly may know which one it is i make now! So... Enjoy! Btw, This character i fight here is so freaking annoying and yes i only do one parts in Saturdays don't worry it's full episode!)

    Steve: Hey, it's me. Knock, knock. …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Next Day...*

    Steve: Right, YAWN! That was nice in there, Isa! Ikr? I may visit another time like sooner or later ya know?...

    Isa: Thank You, Steve! ;) Yes anyway, you are welcome well even was because you... Are a hero! Unlike Herobrine!

    Steve: Aw, Shucks! Quit well with that!... XD

    Isa: Want to go back home right now?... :) And your friends?

    Steve:... -_- Of Course! :D

    Isa: I will never forget you Steve!... *She hugs Steve*

    Steve: *Hugs Back* A real hugger, ya are?

    Isa: You Too! XD Heh...

    • Later...*
    • Space Ship is seen with Steve and his friends, Isa and all the citizens*

    Isa: But before you guy leave... Sigh, yes, fun that you was here, i mean... Who could not that only think you are a real joker?...

    Steve: XD

    Isa: Jk! XD You are a hero, my... Cool Guy…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: There, now we sure never see Herobrine again... Ah, Very good... He may return sooner or later now right or?...

    Alexandra: *She and Liber yes leaves the dungeon* Steve is right, Guys is true tho yes uh uh that Herobrine even now eh mostly now plan to return here...

    Steve: Yes, thx Alexandra! Dude now... Anyway eh yes now people, i take care of the monsters with Alexandra and Liber!

    • Now dude Steve, Alexandra and Liber does fight all the monsters that Herobrine spawned and they got ride all of them... Almost only one left!...*
    • Creeper sneaks behind Liber*

    Liber: AH! :O NO! :(

    Steve: AHA! *Kills Creeper pretty evil with the sword* >:) Take That!

    Liber: Ah heh that... Aw thanks 7 year old Steve my yeah hero! :) That cool...

    Steve: I am 10... -_…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve, Liber and Alexandra is stuck in The Founder's Dungeon!*

    Liber: *Plays a harmonica and quite that is eh now well eh... Since he is stuck in a jail cell tho...*

    Steve: We are in Jail Cell... Cool? Hell No! I like cool things... I know what cool is... We are here... Thanks to you, Liber! >:(

    Alexandra: Nice try eating eh well a chicken ya jerk! *She punch Liber's head* >:(

    Liber: OW! Hey, i was hungry! Professors gotta eat too ya know?...

    Steve: Sigh, Herobrine might however vey eh go there and blow everything...

    Alexandra: Up? Yeah, Ikr?... Sigh...

    • Suddenly the jail door even opens there*

    Steve (And Alexandra and Liber): Huh? :/

    The Founder: Sigh, you was right, Steve! Herobrine... Is the villain, not you and your friends!... ;(

    Steve:... 0_0 :…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • It Is night time and Steve And Milo are sneaking around The Founder's Castle Tho Something whatever right very eh... Nvm?...*

    Milo: >:) So... How do ya get in?

    Steve: *Picks up a rose* *Smells at it* AH! Flower... Right eh!!? Ya think she loves roses? That Founder? :D

    Milo: We are not focusing about flowers now, Steve! We are trying to get in!

    Steve: Oh, Ok then! Eh heh... :P *Takes the rose in his pocket*

    Steve: Right... So... ½?

    Milo: FOCUS! Pls?... :(

    Steve: Oh, Sorry! Now i know!

    Milo: What?

    Steve: Eh, Well... How to get in!...

    Milo: Excellent!...

    Steve: Here! *Steve picks up alot of dirt blocks and he is going up with them and then he finally is up!*

    Steve: Phew, There! Now this works come on... Milo? :O

    Milo: *Runs Away* HA! HA! See Ya, Your Dork…

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