aka Steve the Tennessee Lover

  • I live in Europe (Minecraft)
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Miner
  • I am Male
  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Well sigh.... Before i start this funny blog.... Just so ya know: "Portrayed" Means that i will act cool XD act like the characters from MCSM XD (Aka "Minecraft: Story Mode) Well sigh just heh gosh is starting sigh i do a few characters and yes it is meant to be funny.... Ready or not here i start the blog Now:....

    (Portraying Jesse): I will save the world! ONLY IF THE WORLD... eh well.... The World Eh right right.... :/ Eh right idk? *Shrugs*

    (Portraying Petra): *Zombie sneaks behind me* WHAT? >:( *Kills Zombie with the sword* *Blows the sword* Ha! XD That was TOO Easy cake!

    (Portraying Lukas): Hi guys! I am from the eh.... The bully team the eh "Aiden"" Guy ya know? Well i decided to join ya.... *Jesse attacks me with an axe quickly*


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Wait! Up-pa-pa-pa!.... Or sigh whatever how ya say that thing! Remember this blog is either just my own opinion or else it is just what i think of some uh YouTubers i guess? Well today everybody.... 0_0 It is like three people from YouTube i wanted to make fun of but just because of what they done.... But remember this is something i wanted to do well sigh pls it is ok if ya like these but i don't and no none of these are from mcsm these in the blog are YouTubers who seem to be YouTubers who roasts people.... Also yes rlly this is for fun and i wanted to because i am bored as usual so let's start ok yay!....)

    Steve: *Walks and whistles and acting like a black and white Mickey Mouse Version* (I wanted to use a classic joke, because why not?…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Gosh right ah tho then..... SCORE! Well sigh ya see? Well idk if i can do this on the wiki well eh the wiki shall maybe let this stay or idk this is for fun ya know? Well sigh it is Alignment Chart ya know it is seen like idk Google images alot and yes i want to do one so duh ah badly but idk how man where to do it well heh tho on hey this blog tho gosh oh is one good idea?.... I do it anyway, *Very throat clears* This time i will do one about Minecraft and then Minecraft: Story Mode (Season 1) Also ah so eh oh so now ya see yes ah man i will.... Do twice, ya know? I first do one with the nine Alignments ya know then i put the full list with two other alignment charts well sigh let's get started:....

    Nine Alignments:

    Lawful Good: Notch (He i…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    OMG! :D

    April 2, 2018 by SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Well sigh yes eh yeah rlly guys eh as you can see and know i almost gets to 60 subs! TAT YAY! :D Sigh but anyway, heh yes yes ah well now ah since nobody have talked in my blogs for a long time yes ya know that is a reason why i do not do blogs very often anymore but sigh do not worry oh dudes i still wil but is once long sometimes i mean ya have to wait eh super long i will do not often also that eh yes so so is yes another yes reason right right is.... Is.... WHY! I am so lonely well lol lol now if ya excuse me i have to go and talk to old frinds so ok see ya later eh and wait well lol lol oh wanna see me doing blogs again man or if not i give up so?..

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Mixed Female) Jesse/Jessie: (Yes, thee mixed femalee one, man i call lol her Jessie!½....) *She and Steve stop outside the costumer's house* I can't wait to see the look of the costumer's face! *Rings doorbell*

    Issumer: Yeah?

    Jessie: Congratulations, sir. Your Cake is here! :3 Ehehe!

    Issumer: Wow, Thanks! I've been dying for one of these. It... *Brief Pause* Where's my drink?

    Jessie: *Confused* What drink?

    Issumer: *In an angry tone* >:( My Mr. Drink? My diet Dr. Crafty? Don't tell me you forgot my drink!

    Jessie: *Checks some lot lots k of through the order* But, you didn't order any...


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