aka Stella (Steve in female disguise) ;)

  • I live in Europe (Minecraft)
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Miner
  • I am Male
  • SteveBobMinecraftPants


    October 15, 2017 by SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Ok, since nobody on here but myself saw my well quite own blogs about the Zombie Thing to and the Winslow being human thing...

    So... Um, yes! How about a vote? Sorry, i sucks at making a poll vote... That's now why... Now eh well maybe i ask Alex or DOM XD Maybe even Order about making a poll thing tho however... Sigh this so is a question:

    Nobody but only myself on wiki saw my own blogs, shall i give up making these blogs lol but well should i not?

    "People who wants me to continue, pls say make more!"

    "People who wants me to give up, just tell me to stop, ok?!"

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Btw, if you haven't seen... But now if you haven't seen first parts i can tell you if you want anyway this is a zombie apocalypse team with... Yes, ya know? Anyway a Mutant Zombie got also shoot and who did it:...

    Narrator: It was..

    • Herobrine is shown with a rocket  launcher*

    Narrator: Notch's Dead Fat*** (Don't worry, this is kidfriendly, it is just censored)

    Narrator: Yeah, it was him heh! He is mostly evil tho but this?

    Steve: Hey, Herobrine! I mean.. What are you doing here, ah? :/

    Herobrine: Holly! Well, Uh. It is so, you see the thing is, um... I have been watching tho at you guys the whole time! I have watching you from the front or start! And the thing is is it is that i am actually on your side! I've very been having but now bah to surv…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Top 10 Favorite Video Game Heroes and Minecraft Heroes too!

    Well, in this list i add 3 Heroes from Minecraft... Eh really or ah right, i think they count?

    Anyway, Let's Start:

    10: Kirby (Really, i really think he is cute)

    9:... DanTDM (Sigh, ok... I know! He is a YouTuber, not Minecraftian that much... Still, i love how he appear in MCSM, also... He appear in Minecraft videos in his channel sometimes so yes, he counts right!!!? XD)

    8: Pacman

    7: Ness

    6: Pikachu

    5: Link

    4: Sonic

    3: Mario

    2 Steve (Me)

    And number one is...........

    JESSE! (Yes, both male and female... Best male even, lol is white one, and best female one is middle one ;) True!...)

    ): Well, that was all... Anybody want to post their favorites? Eh?

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve and the gang is taking a walk with Winslow*

    Steve: Heh, well this even very is walking with cat in day yes... Ah, am i right?

    Winslow: Oh yes! :D

    Reuben: En, noi? but-oink! Oink!

    Winslow: Is you... Well now trying to talk? :/

    Reuben: (Meanwhile Even Winslow was hearing what he said) Um, guys? But... Me? I am also taking a walk!

    Winslow: Now Reuben. Right...

    • Some strange woman appear*

    Strange Woman: Hello, people! Want some apples eh man?

    Lukas: Who are you? :( You look scary!...

    Steve: Ew, that is not a respect tho or to old people... really Lukas! See? I want apple!

    Strange Woman: Here ya go, boy! Boys and girls... Take apples!

    Olivia: I... Get the feeling that she is not even a nice...

    Steve: SHUT UP, OLIVIA! >:( She looks nice! ^^

    Olivia: Grrr.…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    WOW! Long time no see, blogs! Eh? Now, man! I finally do blog again! YAY! :D Also lol remember blog about Favorite Video Games? Well, old goodie! :O :) Still, lol this time tho it's the opposite... I do LEAST Favorite Video Games in this list... Also if you wonder any bad video game? Well, lol eh i haven't played it then of course... Let's watch shall we? This Blog? Gosh eh really Here we go:

    Top 10 Least Favorite Video Games:

    10: Drake of the 99 Dragons

    9: Five Nights in Anime (Awww... Sorry, Ender... I looked it up and it is so horrible! ;( Ew! I understand you, it sucks! And scares me more than the real game... Still, you is right tho however always!)

    8: Dragon Quest Builders (Gosh and god! Yes Ender, i saw this too! I can now agree too! Th…

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