Ivor ran into the portal. The others had followed. "Let's just be careful." Jesse said. Ivor nodded. They looked around. They saw a portal that looked intriguing... They walked in. They regretted it right after. "Woah!" They had dropped the flint and steel. Like sky city they were stuck. They could just see ground, "Okay. This seems like sky city. When we first arrived..." Lukas said. Ivor had said "then we should do what we did. Build a bridge down." After a few minutes of digging they were having trouble. "Uhh...we don't have enough blocks..." Axel said. "Oh no..." Jesse said. "What do we do now?" Petra had said. Ivor had been thinking. "I have one potion that might work..." "What is it?" "not quite a potion... A golden apple." "Good idea." Jesse said. "Who is gonna use it?" "I guess I will..." Jesse said boldly. He took the apple and used it. He jumped. They hit the ground hard. But he survived just because of the apple. The ground was completely flat. Jesse tried digging but Jesse only got three blocks down. "Uhh... Guys?!" Jesse shrieked.

"How can you guys get down?!" "I can use my imagination again..." Ivor said. He drunk an invisibility potion. "Ugh cmon!" Petra said. "This could be bad... But it's worth a try..." Axel said. They looked at the guy puzzled. "Someone could try jumping down and see if it's safe... We gotta choose somebody" "I will do it." Petra said. She jumped down bravely. She got down but hurt. She remained silent. They all jumped down. But when Axel was just jumping a smoke came. A screech came and he disappeared. "AXEL!" Jesse yelled. They all had reactions, Sad ones. Ivor appeared and said "what'd I miss?" They ignored him.

A few hours later it turned dark. They looked for a portal almost the whole day. And they could not stop thinking about Axel. " we focus on Axel or the portal?" Jesse said without thinking "Axel. Friends first." And they moved the focus. Jesse sat and fell asleep. When he awoke he saw the same black smoke surrounding Petra and Lukas. He could push one... Hopefully that could save 'Em. Jesse struggled but blindly chose. Lukas looked up and said "Petra! No!" And Petra had vanished. Lukas was greatful but upset. "This dimension is evil!" Ivor said.

They could not stop thinking of Axel and Petra. "stay focused on our friends!" Jesse said angry and upset. "We need a home for the night. You could push Lukas out of the way so I think it can't go through objects..." Olivia said. And they got working. In respect of Axel they made a dirt hut. "Do you think they are Dead?" Lukas asked. "Who knows?" Jesse replied. "I really hope they are..." Jesse added.

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