Helloooooooooooo Wikia! I'm here to announce you something: I'm making a contest! It's about making a new design for the Order's Amulet. The rules are quite simple, only these ones:

- It must be original, if you copy other entry you will be disqualified.

- It has to include the five original colors: Red, Green, Light blue, White and Navy blue.

- You can make it with any tool, or draw it in paper and scan it.

- I'll stop accepting entries the day 20/12, to announce who are the winners the day 25/12.

The winners will be: - The most original.

– The most unexpected.

- The best drawn.

Good luck to everybody! I'm waiting for your entries!

--SofíaWikia88, the Goldfish wikia user. 12:00, December 8, 2016 (UTC)

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