Note:Jesse is the first female, enjoy


Jesse: ugh why did we think about going to that graveyard realm in the first place .

Lukus: home or not I had enough of the hallway !

Petra and Ivor: i agree !

Jesse: idea!

Petra: what?

Jesse: let's go thorough the redstone portal and it might help us get home.

Crown Mesa

Jesse: see what did I tell ...


PAMA: greetings friends, I am PAMA,now, who is going to be made useful first.

(PAMA nearly puts Lukas in the usefulizer but Jesse pushes Lukas out of the way)

Jesse: don't save me, this is a one way ticket, just go.

Lukas: Jesse NO!

PAMA: welcome Jesse , yay.

Ivor: let's ask it a logic problem.

Petra: hey monster?

PAMA: yes?

Petra: why doesn't a apple fall far from the tree?


Ivor: let's get out of here!

Lukas: wait we can't leave without Jesse!

Petra: but how can we rescue her?

Harper: I'd get out of PAMA's range if I were you, it is smarter than you think.

PAMA: lady creator, this could be your final chance to accept my offer, get useful.

Harper: how many times do I have to tell you No no no!

PAMA: you may have to share your fate with the two other travelers

Lukas: other travelers?

Petra: run for it!

(The gang runs, only to find a ravine)

Petra: uh oh it's a ravine.

Ivor: any way to get past this ravine?

Lukas: I took 2 ender pearls from Jesse

Ivor: I stole an ender pearl from Soren

The gang tosses the ender pearls


Harper: we made it!

Lukas: has anybody seen Ivor (Ivor falls on Lukas)

Lukas: Never mind

Harper: gotta go fast if we are to get to my secret lab before PAMA gets us, luckily I got 4 speed exilers

Petra: then let's get moving

Meanwhile in PAMA's core

PAMA: Jesse, I think you might know who the other travelers are but just in case, Jesse-Olivia,olivia-Jesse,jesse-axel,axel-Jesse

Jesse: Okay, if we want to make those rebels useful, we need a plan

PAMA: Jesse, make the plan, we got work to do.

In the desert

The gang: aghhhhhh (Ivor trips over a lever) Lukas: we are free, free falling...

In a cave

Petra:we made it

Harper: and they made it too (Mobs land on a cobweb) (Petra cuts the cobweb)

Lukas: I got a idea

Lukas: CAVE IN

(The gang see a mob fall into water, PAMA loses control over a chicken)

Petra: so PAMAʻs control can be broken

Harper: let's get to my lab, it looks like PAMA really wants the creator of the hallway made useful

Lukas,Petra and Ivor gasp

Back in PAMA's core

Axel: Jesse, have you finished the plan yet

Jesse: yes I have, first we dig straight down,then we try to land on a slime block next we approach them and fight them remember if all else fails,capture Harper and retreat

Jesse: i will bring a horde of zombies and spiders and 2 volunteers

Axel: count me in

Olivia: me too

Jesse: then let's get the show on the road

Near the lab

Harper: ask Ron to give you a bucket of water

Petra: huh?

Lukas: we need to trust her if we are going to have a chance of saving Jesse

Ivor: Ummmmmmmmmm I think I see Ron

(Lukas takes the bucket)

Ron: happy to help

( Ivor gives Harper the bucket)

(Harper puts water in a cauldron) Harper: that's 1 out of 4 cauldrons needed to activate the water defense system

Axel: I think they went that way

Lukas: Harper get the buckets!

(Petra vs Jesse, ivor vs axel and Lukas vs Olivia)

Petra: almost there. (Petra overpowers Jesse and nearly throws her into some water,however axel grabs jesse but accidentally kicks Olivia into the water)

Jesse: axel! Abort!

(Axel kidnaps Harper,he and Jesse escape on spiders)

Harper: don't forget the last cauldron,find the headset and give this rose to Harry.

30 seconds later in the lab

Lukas: let's figure out who this Harry is.

Petra: I found Harry, give me the rose.

(Lukas gives Petra the rose)

Olivia: hey guys.

Ivor: Olivia!, you're normal.

Olivia: I think I should put this redstone torch in that idem thing

Petra: the headset! (Petra puts on the headset and gets linked with a zombie)

Petra: I'm outside?

Lukas: the headset must let's you control things that are controlled by PAMA. (Petra finishes the stairs and links with a skeleton)

Petra: Harper! i see Harper!

Ivor: really! (Petra links with a zombie,and frees Harper from zombies ,and try's to escape)

Jesse: it's over, Petra!

Harper: take the redstone heart! PAMA: time to make that headset useful, useful in wiping you out,Petra!

Back in the lab

Petra: PAMA broke the headset

Lukas did you learn anything useful in taking PAMA out?

Petra: Harper said steal the redstone heart

Lukas: let's do I it , FOR JEKAS

Olivia: wait,I saw towers, they help protect the heart, if we want to take the heart, we are going to need a plan.

In PAMA's core

Petra: ivor,hold them off!

Lukas: Olivia, take the first, Petra,take the second, I got third.

(Soon all the towers are taken out and axel and Harper are freed)

Lukas: I'll take the heart (Lukas tries to get the heart,only to be atacked by Jesse)

Jesse: it ends now!

(However Lukas managed to take the heart, free Jesse and get back to the hallway with the gang and Harper)

The end

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