Narrator: on the wiki,they were 5 special wikiers,these are,

Narrator: Miles the architect,a smart guy and a good friend.

Narrator: order the greifer,a cool girl who happens to love torture.

Narrator: Georgia the warrior, a fierce fighter with a lot of heart.

Narrator: dr. unicorn the engineer,a female with a battle against unicorns.

Narrator: datbeardyguy the mage, a fan of ivor who likes bread.

Narrator: and PeaceableKingdom the leader,a big hero and the leader of the order of the wikiers.

Narrator: one big day, these wikiers were editing the wiki when something unexpected happened.

(In minecraft story mode)

Cassie rose: yes,after all these years,the atlas is mine,and soon,all of minecraft will be to.

(Back on the wiki)

Peace: i got a idea,what if---

Narrator: peace didn't finish his he,Miles,order,Georgia,unicorn and beardy were sucked inside the wiki,and minecraft story mode itself.

To be continued.

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