Peace: huhhh,where am I?

Miles: peace! Are you alright!

Peace: yeah.why do I look like my MC:SM OC?

Miles: and why do I look like a werewolf?

Unicorn: I look like a unicorn/human.why?

Order: I think I know,the portal that brought us here must of made us look like our favorite characters.or OCs.

Georgia: so, I look like Petra now,and you look like Jesse!

Beardy: I'm ivor! Long live lava!

Peace: but where are we now.

Beardy: *sees a wither skull* we're in minecraft story mode!

Order: but how?

???: Cassie rose and Winslow got their hands and in Winslow's case,paws on the atlas.

XHarperx: and they used it to suck you in this world.

Georgia: but that means

Peace: the wiki is a part of minecraft: story mode itself.

Unicorn: who exactly are you.

???: I think you might of met me,ALright, and it's pretty EXtreme. *takes off cloak*

Order: whoa!

To be continued,who is the mysterious person,there's a hint in his last line.

PeaceableKingdom (talk) 22:15, December 6, 2016 (UTC)the kingdom of peace

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