Narrator: Recently,on order of the wikiers.

Miles: peace, are you okay?

Alex.sapre: cassie and Winslow got their hand,and in Winslow's case,paws on the atlas.

Georgia: but that means

Peace: the wiki is a part of minecraft: story mode itself

Alex: I think you have met me ALright,and it's pretty EXtreme.

(On this episode)

Unicorn: Alex.sapre?

Xharperx: yes, it's him.

Alex: yes, but not just me.

Darth and vlevin: *run to the wikiers,followed by a mysterious person* hi!

Order: who's the fifth guy?

Mysterious person: I'm Hal.

Peace: okay, can I see what you look like under the mask?

Hal: No! I'm shy when people see my face.

Miles: it's okay, can you help us?

Darth: of course! Let's go to our base.

Vlevin: and we can figure out a plan.

Alex: you won't want to be here at dark,that's when---

Peace: we know! During dark the monsters come out.

(In the base)

Miles: guys, think I'm nuts but I think, Hal is herobrine.

Narrator: night has fallen.

To be continued.

Do you think Miles is correct or crazy

PeaceableKingdom (talk) 06:05, December 8, 2016 (UTC) peace out

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