Warning!,don't watch after dinner,Dave turns in a zombie during night!

Anonymous: greetings fellow artists, I am peaceable kingdom and welcome to...

Peaceable kingdom:..... Peaceable's wiki game show!

Peaceable kingdom: I have a cohost, you will meet him later.

Peaceable kingdom: now let's spin the wheel of topic and see what the theme will be!

Peaceable kingdom: the theme is ..... OC creating, now it is time for me to introduce you to my cohost...

Peaceable kingdom: David expert (he's a OC I created)

David: thank you!,you can call me Dave.

Dave: Jesse, bring us the rules!,Petra, do the filming now!

Peaceable kingdom: thank you kindly, Jesse!

Peaceable kingdom: rule one,the second most important: your OC needs a backstory, no darth maul type OC.

Dave: rule two, no copycats! Anyone who steals a idea from someone else will be disqualified.

Peaceable kingdom and Dave: rule three: be creative, if you want to make a cow-pig-human hybrid, go ahead.

Peaceable kingdom: And the most important rule of all is.... Have fun.

Peaceable kingdom: Remember to do it by October 1.

Dave: Sign up in comments

Peaceable kingdom: the prize is: me calling the winner, most creative OC maker.

Dave: do your entries in a separate blog.

Peaceable kingdom and Dave: until next time...

Peaceable kingdom and Dave: farewell and be awesome.

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