My entry is called "shaman's wrath"



Jesse and her friends attend a magic show staring the "shaman",during the show,the shaman points her staff at Jesse,then,in the blink of a eye,jesse turns into a zombie.

major choices=

  • did you allow Lukas to try and help Jesse?

Outcome: if you allow Lukas to try and save Jesse,he becomes a zombie,but if not,ivor will.

  • did you help Harper escape?

Outcome:if you don't,Harper will become a zombie,but if you do,You will get bitten by a wolf.

  • what was your plan?

Outcome:it will choose how you get to shaman's base

  • did you take off shaman's mask?

Outcome: if you do,the shaman is revealed to be Cassie and she will try to kill you,only to be blocked by Jesse,freeing all the people who where turned into zombies,if not,Petra/Lukas pushes cassie into a pit.

  • what was Cassie's fate?

Outcome: Cassie determinately dies

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